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How to Avoid and Spot the Fake Devices!

    Study says, we are likely to get more of Fake devices that we ever thought about but apart from that, we still get do some few tricks to know the right device, to spot “them fake from them original”

    Have you ever come across any fake devices? Or getting one for yourself? If you have, then you will understand the pains there, the money wasted! Once upon a time, a man got a phone from a Traffic jam, on getting home, he discovered that, it all contains Soda soap (used for washing) inside, which acts as the Software!

    Well, it is quite saddening but right now, it was the man fault. Getting a phone from Traffic JAM is to your own detriment and after getting a phone, it is advisable to check it out right there.

    Cloning companies are getting wiser each day, so we ought to get more wiser too! And the sub-standard devices, counterfeit devices are seen especially across Africa i So today, lets see if this tricks is going to help spot them Fake!

    Fake devices in the Fonts

    How to Avoid and Spot the Fake Devices

    There is one thing, you need to understand, the word Fake doesn’t only limits to Smartphone too! There are other gadgets or device out there too that are classified as “Fake” this includes Tablets, PC, Modem, Cases, Earphones, Bluetooth Speaker, MP4 and many other electronic and tech gadgets.

    Below are the first things to do when you get a Phone and this helps you to spots either a Fake Phone or Original Phones:

    How to Spot the Fake Devices:  The Price

    This is it, Fake phones are likely to go more market in that area way more faster than the original device. Fake phones are more cheaper in price than the Original products and this is an obvious sign which some people fail to notice.

    In essence, Fake devices are also much cheaper than genuine handsets. Don’t over look the price, it is the first noticing step to know them fake.

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: The Logo

    This is another stuff to check out, be familiar with the Company logos. For example, The Samsung logo on a counterfeit model is slightly raised, like a sticker.

    A logo represent the company but when you noticed any slight changes or whatsoever in the Logo, beware it might be the fake one. As clone companies are likely to copy each and everything!

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: The Packaging

    Here in the packaging, you will also get to notice and differentiate between the Fake devices and the Original Devices. The fake companies most times, neglect the packaging and it is to our own benefits and their own detriment.

    So to the packaging area, the Device manufactures and official retailer will always take care of even the slightest details of design and packaging of their own goods.

    Take a close look at the package, paying attention to the print quality: the font should be legible and consistent everywhere. Nothing should be loose inside. Manufacturers always fix their goods well so that nothing gets damaged during transportation. Even the seams and corners of the packaging film should be impeccable.

    Original Packaging is always tightly sealed and all wording should be in the language of the country you are buying it in. If the packaging is untidy and the wording on the box is either too small or in a foreign language, the device could be a fake.

    Packaging errors

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: The Specification

    This matters a lot, from the A – D, is where you haven’t opened the device and you are trying to notice the fake ones. Still in the packaging, at the back aspect, you have to take another look at the specs outlined there.

    When buying a phone online double check the specifications of the device you are looking to purchase against the specifications released by the phone manufacturer. If they are different, the device could be a fake.

    From Now On: This is where you get to Hold the Phone!

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: The Weight

    Here is another step to get them Fake! Any genuine or original device is more lighter in hand than the fake devices. So when you notice that the phone is heavier, please take another look.

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: The Build and Design

    Coming to the build and design, companies would love to make the products look more authentic and mouth watering in the eyes, so they make their devices more attractive to the eyes by using some purely clean material,such as robust, high quality metals, rubbers and plastics to build it up but Fake devices from fake companies usually get that destroyed by using some sub-standard material.

    And also, another step is to look at the edges and joints, if there are noticeable cracks and chips and it is obvious that the manufacturer used cheap plastic, the device is probably fake. The screen will also appear a tad lighter and more reflective than on a genuine device.

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: Performance

    Now after checking the corners in case of any suspicious mistake or using sub standard materials, please, boot the phone on. For example, a fake phone will likely have software that is at best pirated, and at worst a shoddy copy of the software it is supposed to run. We know you will be more inclined to buy a fake product online, but if you have the chance to try before you buy, then it’s always good to test.

    So the first thing to do after booting the phone ON! Please, try visiting the Operating System Area, maybe, you might get to notice some pirated software or a low quality copy. It will become clear after a few minutes of using the phone that the software is not the original.

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: Checking the Chargers

    It is compulsory, you have to check it out! Most phones comes with Fast Charging Technology but I literally don’t see that happening in the fake devices, so you must check it out not only on the Fast Charging, also check the design.

    The charging unit of any device must be adapted for use in your country, a situation where you are offered to buy another charger should alert you immediately to the possibility of the device being a fake. E.g, If you live in Europe, there should be a special block for European sockets.

    checking charger

    The quality of cords is also another way to spot fake devices. The quality of rubber as well as thickness and length of the cord is a tell tale sign of a fake device.

    Brand chargers won’t have seams between plastic parts of different colors, which can’t be said of fakes. Remember, brands are responsible for your safety when using their gadgets. That’s why originals always have neat metal tips and quality insulation and finishes.

    How to Spot the Fake Devices: Others Includes;

    i. Identify Bloatwares: It is an unnecessary app which is useless and it comes preinstalled on your phone. Bloatware can slow your device down. Mostly it is also harmful in many ways like stealing your personal information.

    j. Do Benchmark Test: This is very important. Download AnTuTu benchmarking app from Play Store. Do a quick benchmarking test onto your phone. Note down the score and try googling to verify the range of the score.

    The key point is simple: If your benchmark score is just slightly different (either higher or lower) then you can consider your device is authentic. However, if the score is significantly different, then you can assume your phone is an imitation.

    k. Warranty: This final check is crucial and if it goes wrong, please abort your mission. You must check the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are buying electrical goods and the product and deal are legitimate, you should get a manufacturer’s warranty. Where the warranty should promise replacement or repair – with a named product – if the product you are buying breaks.

    l. Manual: As with the external packaging, the manual will be in the language of the country it is being purchased in. If the manual is in a foreign language and poorly printed, the device might be fake.

    Fake device vs Original device

    In conclusion

    Chetty said Samsung is working with law-enforcement to conduct raids where it is suspected that fake products are being sold.

    “It is our responsibility to ensure that we empower buyers to make safe and smart purchasing decisions. Besides being detrimental to the economy, counterfeit products and spares hurt consumers’ pockets in the long run, due to their inferior quality,” he said.

    To Avoid Getting Any Fake Device

    a. Familiarize yourself with genuine Samsung products at approved retailers or brand stores.

    b. Be cautious about purchasing products online – ensure you are using a reputable source as opposed to an individual or illegitimate seller.

    Have you ever purchased a Fake Products? Lets hear you out in the comment box!