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How to check Glo phone number (4 ways)

    I was going to recharge my Glo sim card via Gtbank to subscribe to the mouth-watering Glo data plan, and I found out that my Glo phone number is nowhere to be found! I did a quick search on google on how to check Glo phone number

    And the results are not welcoming. Yes, all of the codes I saw are not working. I guess you might have come across this one? *135*8#. Well, it is not working! The app does not work, whatever way I used in checking it, it just doesn’t turn out according. This is frustrating.

    Well, I discover a simple way to check and know my Glo phone number. and trust me, I love sharing what I know with you. What you need to do is follow the steps below to check yours.

    How to check Glo phone number
    How to check Glo phone number

    How to check Glo Number (4 ways)

    In this article today, you will learn the fastest and smartest way/method to easily check your Glo number. Well, checking your phone number in the 21st century has gotten smarter, thanks to simple USSD code, and especially Android and iOS applications/software.

    Unfortunately, Glo Nigeria is only stuck to just two major legit methods. Glo claims the Cafe app is a one-stop destination for managing your Globacom account, bill payments, mobile recharges, and checking usage. But it does not check Glo number.

    However, if you are interested in Glo Cafe app, the company says it can manage all your connections and services through one application. The features are, store locator, check balance and usage, easy and quick recharge, voice offers, data offers, special packs.

    Check Glo Number with USSD Code (1)

    The best method on how to check Glo number is by using a simple USSD code, which will be easily displayed on your mobile handset screen.

    • On your mobile phone.
    • Dial 777*#
    • And your phone number will appear on your screen.

    It is as simple as that. We tried *135*8# severally and it still doesn’t work. Even in 2021, that USSD code is still on major websites. We suggest that if the code works for you, then let us know so we can update this article.

    Call a line with your number (2)

    Before we go to the next step or method. Let me just remind you of the former and traditional way to know your Glo number. To check your Glo number remotely, just go ahead and recharge your Glo sim card with N100 and call any number.

    As usual, when you put a call to someone or another one of your lines, your number line will appear on the screen display. However, if you don’t want to spend N100 or you are not close to cash, then use the second option below.

    glo bundle plan 777

    How to check Glo number online (3)

    You are right, this is practically an online method to check your Glo phone number. Don’t worry, you really don’t need any data bundle to follow through with this step, although, Glo does offer the best cheapest data plans when it comes to comparison with other telecoms.

    To easily learn how to check Glo number online, you’ll have to follow the below procedure on Tablet and Mobile handset:

    • Insert your Glo sim and connect
    • Open your browser and type in:
    • Or you can easily click on the link above
    • Immediately, your Glo number and other necessary details will come up

    Follow these steps for Laptop and Computer:

    To continue, you’ll need a Laptop and a Modem, probably, a Glo Modem. Probably, this is more traditional, since modems aren’t being used in this current time.

    Insert your Glo sim on your modem and connect it to your PC. Immediately, the Glo website will open showing you your phone number. See the attached image below;

    How to check Glo phone number

    Call Glo customer care to check Glo number (4)

    In Nigeria, it is popularly known that calling a similar or identical customer care line is when you are at a deadline, and this is it. Although this isn’t Glo 100 customer care lines, on calling the number, the bot is programmed to automatically call the number.

    To be prepared, before dialing up the number, you should be holding a pen and a book with you. A short pencil is better than a long memory, but if you can get the 11-digits Glo number, then let’s do it:

    • Dial 1244 on your Glo sim
    • Automatically, you will hear a voice reading out your phone number audibly

    Go ahead and write it down, it is advisable to put it on a loudspeaker, unless if you are in a public environment.

    Glo APN Setting For Modem

    If you don’t have it already, you can manually configure your modem.

    Config Name: Glo
    Dial Number: *99#
    APN Address: gloworld
    Username: flat
    Password: flat.

    How to check glo account balance

    Dial #124# and your credit balance will display on your phone and dial *124*3# to check your current tariff status on your Glo sim. Immediately, dialing up these codes, your tariff plan and balance will display on your mobile handset.

    Check number on MTN, Airtel and 9mobile

    On MTN, customers can easily check their phone number by dialing either *663# or *123*1*1#, and a message will be displayed on your phone screen “Y’ello! Your is 234********** and a message containing your number will be sent to your message box.

    On Airtel, customers can also check their Airtel phone number by dialing *121*3*4# and enter send. A message will be displayed on your mobile handset screen “Your number is 234**********. Well, like MTN, you won’t be receiving a dedicated message sent to your box.

    On 9mobile, customers can easily dial *248# to check their phone numbers, after dialing, your number will be displayed on your mobile handset screen. Ntel customers have to visit the nearest experience center or contact their customer care for more information.

    Congratulation! you have just checked your Glo phone number!