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How to view, request and download Whatsapp data – Simple guidelines

    The top most rated #1 mobile messaging platform for both Android and iOS, Whatsapp, can now let their users to view, request and download their data. The parent company, Facebook held a conference in San Jose, California, where they announced several upcoming features both for Whatsapp and Facebook.

    Due to the rise of Cambridge Analytica, after taking millions of users data on Facebook and in compliance with new EU data privacy rules (European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) coming into force this month on 25th, Whatsapp now allow users to view and download their data, just like Facebook and Instagram.

    Fortunately, all Whatsapp users can possibly download their data due to the fact that the request account info feature is only available for Android beta users and those that has downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp.

    In April 2018, WhatsApp announced that, in the coming weeks, you will be able to see and download your WhatsApp account settings and information.

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    How to download your Whatsapp data

    Below is a simple guidelines on how to request your WhatsApp data report

    Ensure you are running on the latest version of WhatsApp >> settings >> Account >> Request account info >> Request report >> then the screen should update to Request sent.

    Now to successfully download the data;

    Go to WhatsApp Settings >> Account >> Request account info >> Download report >> then a ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone >> the file is downloaded to your phone, select Export report the chat history to your email.

    WhatsApp says, your report will be available in 3 days or less after the date requested. Note that, deleting your account, changing your number or handset, or re-registering your account, will cancel the request. This is how Facebook data download tool works.

    What will be included in Whatsapp data?

    WhatsApp is allowing users to request and export a report of their account information and settings, such as contacts, profile photos, and groups, which can be accessed and ported to another app. The report does not include users’ messages. If you want to view your chat history instead, you can learn how do that HERE.

    The company said ‘the feature will be rolling out to all users around the world on the newest version of the app,” France’s privacy watchdog found out that, Whatsapp is going against their rules odd by tapping their users data, calls, messages, that was when they forced Whatsapp to stop collecting users data.

    Also note that, Whatsapp will only retain your data for few weeks before it’ll be deleted from WhatsApp’s servers. So, that means, if you login within a short period of time, Whatsapp will restore your account.