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How to Get Better at Fortnite: 7 Tips for Surviving Like a Pro

    Looking at the three genres of Fortnite video games (sandbox, battle royale, and survival), you need more than tactics to survive. If you played Fortnite’s first release with Early Access, you need to sit up.

    The latest release of this game just got tougher. You need some pro tips to live longer, from the Save the World mode to Fortnite Creative mode.  

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    7 Professional Tips for Surviving Fortnight Craziness 

    Let’s look at a few surviving tips below to aid your effort in the game.

    1. Master Your Controls

    Customize your controls for convenience. Before joining any battle in the game, make sure you optimize your control settings and shooting modes too.

    The good thing about Fortnite is that it allows you to choose how your characters work. Whether playing from a mobile or a computer, you can move and shoot with user-customized controls.

    Set your sensitivity properly, so you can quickly target, mark, and fire enemies. The game allows auto-fire to fire at enemies in sight automatically.

    1. Never Land in the Main Regions

     Don’t ever land in the regions with yellow marks. In Fortnite, there are up to 20 regions marked with yellow. 

    If you must land in any main region, be ready to battle instantly. If not, you’re dead. Instead, the Fortnite map shows so many dots of houses. You may find various supplies if you land in any of those houses. 

    1. Your Shotgun Before the Others

    Since you’re prone to getting attacks in close ranges while playing Fortnite, you need to grab any shotgun you find. Then as you progress, you can collect other necessary weapons.

    While you search for the sniper rifle, protect yourself from other players and enemies with your shotgun. That’s what pro players do.

    1. Join the Battle Pass Challenge Wisely

    Undoubtedly, new challenges come up every week in Fortnite’s Battle Pass season. Do not tackle them at once.

    Since you can still choose when to join, you need to be tactical when joining some challenges like ‘Kill 3 Players in Flush Factory.’

    Don’t be surprised. Other players are in the same challenge, ready to attack. So, you must apply logic to get better at Fortnite’s Battle Pass season.

    1. Grab the Shield Potion Whenever You Can

    Unlike the medical kits and bandages in Fortnite, the shield potions have more benefits in replenishing players’ lives.

    Never leave a shield potion for the enemy or other players. Grab it as quickly as possible. It’s vital because they add a new health bar to your previous one. With this, you can last longer in the game

    On the other hand, if you get the 3-set small potions, you’ll receive 75% extra health. Moreover, bigger ones can get your health up to 100% outright. So, look out for shield potions and grab as many as possible.

    1. Look out For the Circle and Shadows 

    Don’t let the circle trap you, as it will reduce your health once the storm comes. Know your position and determine your destination. So, before the circle and its effect come, you can easily locate a safe place to hide.

    Also, keep your eyes open. Be vigilant. Never enter a new space or region without scanning the area. Check every building and corner around you before proceeding. If not, you won’t know what hit you.

    Confirm the bushes for campers are safe and clear. Check for spies and enemies that could be hiding in corners. Hide behind rocks, buildings, or objects immediately after you notice unsafe movements. You can prolong your life with this trick.

    1. Let the Dream Work With Teamwork

    Playing solo is great, but you can make the most of this game by working as a team. Not only does Fortnight allow you to connect and play with other players, but it also allows you to communicate with voice chat.

    Teamwork will do the survival magic for you. Your team members will notify you once they spot any close enemies. You can discuss with them and share ideas on launching an attack.


    If you must play Fortnite like a pro, you need logic, protection, strategy, and teamwork. As you communicate and progress in the game, you’re paving your path to victory. 

    Keep in mind; never ignore the shield potions, no matter what. Map out safe places for your hideouts, and try not to land in the main regions.