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How To Invest In The Top Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin


    Cryptocurrency is not a new term. It recently gained fame when a business tycoon, Elon Musk, announced that his company Tesla Motors and SpaceX, will now accept payment in digital currency, especially like the top digital currency, Bitcoin. Although, when it released the first digital currency, there was criticism as none owned it, not even any government, public sector, private sector, and financial sector. Since last month, cryptocurrency got hyped worldwide. People, who were not satisfied with buying these cryptocurrencies, now started to invest as they see it as a profitable option. Today, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of investment in the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Also, visit this link to if you want to do trading and have an interest in it. You can find the complete guidelines for trading.


    Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency which an unidentified person launched, and it is the first cryptocurrency. His name was Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was the one who founded this bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2009. Bitcoin has been the top cryptocurrency since its issuance. There is no other leading cryptocurrency that can beat its level. Bitcoin runs on the blockchain network, which is 21st-century technology. Many countries in the world accept bitcoin as their mode of payment. Some employers even pay their employees in the form of bitcoin. It is quite a common cryptocurrency as it is the first cryptocurrency, and also it mostly remains in the trend due to its high increase in price.

    Recently, it went to around 50,000 dollars for the first time in history, then people who reserved it gained considerable profit while those who did not have and thought it was just a scam to get their money as there was no one behind its issuance were repentant. Although, then it went down after some days. But when it was at the peak of its cost, many people came forward to invest in it. But, still, some countries in the world have banned this cryptocurrency and consider money from its transactions as illegal money. Even the world’s biggest population country, China, has not legalized cryptocurrency.

    In recent news, China announced that investing in cryptocurrencies is illegal. After this announcement, bitcoin went down, and investors lost some of their money. In this way, when Elon Musk makes any good announcement regarding digital currencies, this positively impacts the digital currency market, and suddenly, the market booms. There are many ways to get bitcoin, which, the most famous, is through mining. Mining is solving a complex mathematical problem to create a new bitcoin in a transaction completion process. After successfully mining bitcoin, there is a reward for a person who solves this puzzle.

    Bitcoin Platforms

    Although the whole mining process consumes too much electricity and ASIC are the specialized computers mostly used to solve this complex problem or puzzle, the reward you get in Bitcoin is worth it. In the early years of issuing Bitcoin, the reward of mining Bitcoin was 50 dollars, and it halved every four years. But Bitcoin has a limited maximum supply of 21 million; after issuing the total maximum Bitcoin, there will be no new Bitcoin. You can also save Bitcoin in your digital wallet, which is available online. For investment in Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency, many good platforms are reliable as well. These platforms are.

    • Binance
    • Coinbase
    • eToro
    • TradeStation
    • Kraken
    • Bittrex
    • Gemini
    • Robinhood
    • CoinDCX
    • CashApp

    These are a few platforms that are pretty good for investment in Bitcoin. You can explore this for both short and long-term investment. There are many stories of people roaming on social media who got rich by investing in Bitcoin and are living luxurious lives. Bitcoin transactions get secured by public and private keys, in which private keys get only known to their receivers. These private keys get encrypted with a hash function of 26 characters. Hence, in this way, no one can forge these cryptocurrencies transactions. Right now, one Bitcoin costs around 44,000 dollars which is a considerable amount. But you can get a part of Bitcoin, which is a Satoshi. Due to its high price, people used to buy it as it is not in many people’s reach.