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Quick ways on how to know if someone Unfollows you on Instagram app

    Here is a quick way on how to know when someone unfollows you on Instagram app. It is quite annoying and intrusive to find out that your long term follower has just unfollowed you in a blink of an eye!

    Followers gives courage to create more intriguing contents, and when they starts leaving or reducing, you will just have to figure out a way to know this.

    Well, Instagram does not shows you details of who just unfollowed you. That’s why, you will learn how to see who unfollowed you on the Instagram app.


    What you must know

    Before we get started, you must understand that this below methods only requires third-party apps, which will require you to provide your account information such as Username and Passwords.

    Also have it in mind that, any of the below app might stop working altogether in no time. Another note to take is that, you will not get any data regarding who followed or unfollowed you in the past, as these apps can only log those who unfollow you from the day you give them access to your account.

    If you have come to conclusion and agree with providing your accounts details, then we can start learning who just decided to unfollow you on Instagram app. And it is for you to find out why by either calling them or via DM.

    How to see unfollowers on Instagram manually

    Of course, there is another way to find out who’s unfollowed you without using any third-party app, you just have to scroll through your long laundry list of contacts, or resort to a third-party app or website.

    Reports+ for Instagram

    Reports+ for Instagram

    Reports+ appears to be the best among others. It is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Surprisingly, Reports+ features the same UI and list of features on both the operating systems.

    *. Download and install the app on your device from your app store.
    *. Now login into account on the Reports+
    *. Then, pull down from the top for the app to refresh and that’s about it.
    *. From then followers lost tab, you will get to know if your followers count increased from the followers gained tab, or if you lost any of your followers
    *. More importantly, you can check the Followers I Don’t Follow Back tab and the Followers Not Following Me Back tab to see if you’d like to follow or unfollow any more accounts.

    By using Reports+, you will be able to manage your followers and those who unfollow you in a more efficient manner. It is quite simple and easy to use.

    *. Download for iOS: iTunes
    *. Download for Android: Google Play store

    FollowMeter for Instagram

    Follow Meter

    Another similar app is the Follow Meter. Like others, it also provides you statistics on who’s following you, just unfollowed you, those that admires secretly and ghost followers.

    After you must’ve downloaded the Follow Meter on your iOS or Android phone via your phone’s app store, you ought to sign into your Instagram account through the app.

    Then, you can now view your dashboard which contains unfollowers, new followers, users who aren’t following you back and users who you’re not following back. There is in-app purchases also for bigger preferences.

    *. Download for iOS via iTunes
    *. Download Android via Google Playstore

    InsTrack for Instagram


    Then there is the Instrack for Instagram. It provides a seamless dashboard, which includes gained and lost followers since you last refreshed it.

    As expected, it also display those who aren’t following you back, which are known as unfollowers. And also displays those who you aren’t following back.

    Not impressive enough, it comes with in-app purchases that can display those who blocked you. InsTrack is quite amazing and stunning.

    Download for iOS: iTunes

    Follow Cop

    Most of these apps are programmed for iOS phones, but the Follow Cop is available for Android phones. It sure suits those that are looking for follower tracking app.

    Follow Cop like its name, allows you to find out who don’t follow you back -unfollowers, users who just unfollowed you, ghost followers, top likers and more.

    It allows you to manage your followers, can do mass unfollows of up to 20 users or more, and you can also check out if you do or don’t follow them from those unfollowers.

    Follow Cop can be used distinctively to find fake followers and connect up to three Instagram accounts at a time to use via within the app.

    *. Download Follow Cop on Android: Google Play store (No Longer Available)

    InstaFollow for Instagram

    InstaFollow for Instagram

    The market is seemly crowed, but the InstaFollow for Instagram can possibly stand a chance. You can still call it, Followers on Instagram.

    With this app, you can easily keep track of all of your followers. It can show you who UnFollowed you, allowing you to quickly unfollow them back!

    You can track new unFollowers, new followers, followers you don’t Follow Back, users you follow that don’t follow you, follow and unFollow anyone quickly with a single touch on the Full Version.

    InstaFollow for Instagram has 24hours free trial subscription. After downloading and installing the app, you have to quickly sign in your account information and start whatever analytics you are interested in.

    Because after 24hours of installing the app, InstaFollow for Instagram will automatically renew to a paid subscription unless auto-renew is turned off.

    *. Download for iOS: iTunes

    Followers Tracker Pro

    Followers Tracker Pro

    Leave out the “PRO” from its name, because the Followers Tracker Pro is quite free to download for iOS users. But it still contains in-app purchases for extra features.

    It is still a considerable simple app for tracking followers and following with a sharp and attractive friendly user interface. It has good reviews from the app store.

    With this app, you can easily view your new followers, unfollowers, users who are not following back, users you don’t follow back, top and worst followers by likes & comments engagement, secret admirers, and insights on your followers and following users.

    While other features includes tracking users you unfollowed, see users you blocked and users who are blocking you, oldest and newest Instagram you follow and follow you back, who requested to follow your private account and track all your accounts in a single and multiple app.

    In order to use the Followers Tracker Pro very well, ensure that the number of users you follow or followed by must not exceed 150,000.

    Download for iOS: iTunes

    Unfollow Pro – Manage Unfollowers & Followers

    There is the Unfollow Pro also, and it allows you to manager unfollowers and followers included. You can also track non-followers, and unfollow a single or multiple users at a time.

    Unfollow Pro allows you to easily find a list of all users who do not follow your account but whom you follow. The app also lets you unfollow these users. You can either unfollow a single user or unfollow multiple users.

    The app states that “this app is by no means affiliated to Instagram” Of course, we all know that known of these are endorsed by Instagram.

    Download on Android: Google Play store

    What to do next?

    Anyways, after reading this article and using it contents, you must learn that unfollowing someone is a personal choice and if someone has done it, they must have their reasons.

    In respect to their privacy and action, we expects you to respect their reasons and not use this to attack people who unfollow you. Instead of attacking, it is purely and much more better to provide more interesting contents for your accounts.