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How to pay for PHCN (NEPA) bills online

    So today, I was going to pay for my PHCN (NEPA) Bill offline, and guess what, more than 350 people are waiting to pay their bills! I was given the number 362, which means I need to wait for 361 people before it will get to my turn. Could you imagine standing in a queue that long?

    Well, we are in the digital age, and was thinking out loud, Why can’t Nigeria improve? I cool off and then decided to pay my PHCN Bills online. If I can pay for my GOTV subscription online, then PHCN is piece of cake.

    How to Pay PHCN Bills Online

    If you are a PHCN Customer and you are looking to pay your electricity bill without leaving the comfort of your house to face the long queue at the PHCN office or designated banks, online payment is what you need.

    PHCN is the acronym of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Follow the steps below to pay your bills.

    Before you can pay your PHCN bills online, you will need your Meter Number, if your house does not have it, then this is not for you.

    Also, you will need the following;

    – Debit card (Verve, Visa, Mastercard)
    – Internet-ready computer
    – Quickteller account

    How to Pay PHCN Bills Online on Quickteller- Step by Step

    How to Pay PHCN Bills Online with quickteller

    Step 1. Go to with your computer system

    Step 2. When the quick teller opens, register if you have not done so before.

    Step 3. Scroll over to “Utility Bills”, Then click on PHCN Postpaid (ALL ZONES)

    Step 4. Provide your meter number
    – Enter your email address
    – Enter your mobile phone
    – And the amount you want to pay
    – Click On “Continue” where you will able to enter your
    – Credit Card details
    – Confirm the payment

    Upon successful payment, your bank account will be debited while the bill will be paid. If it’s for a prepaid meter, you will receive the meter token in your phone else your postpaid account will be automatically credited.

    You will also receive an invoice in your email which contains the reference number for the transaction.
    No more standing in the queue to pay your PHCN bills!