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Steps to Root Any Android Smartphone without PC, Laptop or Windows!

    Today, we will be giving you all, that is interested in rooting their Android Smartphone, the full guide on how to go about it. And also, we will list the benefits and meaning of Android Rooting!

    There are android apps that helps root our android device without the need of a computer, and I’ll be listing the top best APK Apps for rooting android device.

    Root Any Android Smartphone

    Benefits of Rooting Any Android Smartphone without Pc

    1. Install Incompatible and Special Apps
    2. High device performance and improved battery management
    3. Ads Block in Most Android Apps
    4. Easy & Quick device backup
    5. Removes pre-installed crapware
    6. Room to Flash Custom Kernels
    7. Room to Flash Custom ROMS
    8. Everything becomes Automated
    9. Tweak and Customize your device
    10. Unlock Hidden Features. After rooting your Android, you can install awesome apps blocked by carriers, power up your hardware, make incompatible apps compatible.
    11. Uninstall Bloatware.
    12. Speed up You Phone.
    13. Ads Free.
    14. Privacy Guarded.
    15. Boost Battery Life.

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    What is the Meaning of Android Rooting?

    Android rooting, like jailbreaking is the process by which an android operating system is being unlocked in other to install special apps that isn’t approved by Google, update operating system via custom roms, replace firmware, customize the android device and execute other administrative features.

    How to Root Your Android Phones – Top Android Rooting Apps

    *.  KingRoot Software to Root Your Android Smartphones

    The Kingroot software has been used to root almost any android device in a single click. Unlike every other android app for rooting, the Kingroot software performs faster and it supports android device powered by MediaTek chipset. Download here and start rooting.

    *. Steps to Use Unlock Root Software to Root your Phone
    One of the best, one of the most popular and used rooting app in the world. All you need to do is to Download Unknown source on your device, install and root your android device in just a single click.

    Root Android Smartphone

    *. How to Root Your Android phone with Framaroot Software

    This application supports wide range of android devices including the newly launched devices. You can check if the application supports your device.
    If your device is listed, then feel free to download the app and root without the need of a computer. Also take note that, when rooting with Framaroot, Gionee, Tecno and other MediaTek device makes use of Barahir exploit.

    *. How to Make Use of SRSRoot Software

    It is just the same procedure to undergo, when using Vroot to root android device is same way you do with SRSRoot software.

    *. How to Make Use of VRoot Software

    Below is the full details on how to root your Android phone with one of the best Android rooting app. Vroot is a perfect android app for rooting android device.

    i. Download Vroot android app.
    ii. Enable “Unknown Source” on your android device, so you can be able to install third party apps outside Google Play store. To enable, simply go to Settings > Security and check the box “Unknown source”.
    iii. If you’ve antivirus software installed on your device, try to disable it and install the Vroot application.
    iv. Now, you can root your android device.

    How to Know When Your Android Phone has been Rooted

    Yea, this is compulsory for all the test rooted android phones. If you have just root your phone and you feel like testing it, then this is the best application.

    All you have to do is to verify if it’s rooted, just download Root checker and install on your android device. Then launch the app and run a check if your android device is successfully rooted.

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