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How to see your friends list on Snapchat – For both Android and iPhone

    Today, you will learn how to see your friends on Snapchat. Viewing friends list on Snapchat has definitely taken a totally different path, all thanks to the regular Snapchat updates that changed the normal procedures.

    It is no longer news that Snapchat is an awesome global messaging app, which is created by three former students of Stanford University, who are Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

    The app is generally used to connect close friends together and allows a formidable platform for business men and women. In order to continue that amusing chatting, you will learn how to view your snapchat friends list in alphabetical order on the new Snapchat update and to delete them also.


    How to see your friends on Snapchat

    You might be wondering what is the essence of seeing or viewing my friends list on Snapchat. They are many reasons but the most important of them all is to learn who and who are still your friends on the app.

    Anyways, you can’t be wondering about how to see your friends on Snapchat because that is the reason why you are actually here. But you can learn something new from the next sentence.

    For instant, when you locate your friends list from the following methods and procedures below, their score should be seen normally, but if the score is no longer there, that means those friends has eventually removed you.

    When their score is no longer there, and they have removed you, then you are actually left with one choice and that is to edit it and remove them also. Thankfully, the steps are equally simple to follow:

    How to see your friends list on Snapchat

    *. Launch Snapchat chat app

    *. Just click on the square chat button at the bottom

    *. Now click on the square chat icon at the top right of the chat

    *. And there is all of your friends on the list

    There are other necessary things that can be done here, on the Snapchat friends list, you can hold on their name to Snap, chat, call, or video them.

    You can also edit their name, turn on Do Not Disturb, Clear Conversation, Remove, Block, Report them and many others.

    While others includes requesting their location, since Snapchat cares about security and won’t give you their location without their consistent knowledge.

    However, there is still other ways of viewing your friends list on Snapchat:

    1. Open the Snapchat app on your device
    2. Swipe from left to right across your screen

    Understand that swiping left upon opening the app will show you your friends you’ve previously interacted with rather than a full list.

    This is the most accurate way to learn how to see your friends on Snapchat. It works on both Android and iOS device, since the both platform are quite identical and similar to each other.