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How to setup JioMeet app, download, host and join a meeting on JioMeet

    Indian telecommunications company, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited have announced its latest JioMeet video conferencing app, which offers an unlimited video chat with up to 100 participants.

    In a move to take on other video-conferencing video platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype. Reliance Jio has officially launched its JioMeet cross-platform video conferencing app.

    Currently, it is a little bit hard to identify the best video conferencing application right now. With these apps offering a cool incentive on each platform, it can be slightly confusing to choose.

    In order to meet up with series of people on a different platform, the new JioMeet video conferencing app works on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, SIP/H.323 systems, while browsers supported on desktop include Chrome and Firefox.

    For starters, the JioMeet conferencing app was officially announced in India, allowing you to start a meeting easily. After all, since the COVID-19 virus pandemic, video conferencing apps downloads and usage has been on the increase.


    Features of JioMeet app

    *. Easy sign up with either Mobile Number or Email ID
    *. Meeting in HD Audio and Video quality
    *. Create instant meeting and start inviting friends
    *. Schedule a meeting in advance and share meeting details with invitees
    *. Active Speaker view layout
    *. Unlimited Meetings per day
    *. Each meeting can go uninterrupted up to 24hrs
    *. Each meeting is password protected
    *. The host can enable ‘Waiting Room’ to ensure no participant joins without permission
    *. Create Groups and start calling/chatting on single click
    *. Share Screen and start collaborating
    *. Use ‘Safe Driving Mode’ while driving
    *. Use JioMeet on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, SIP/H.323 systems
    *. Multi-device login support up to 5 devices
    *. Seamlessly switch from one device to another while on a call

    Another amusing benefit of JioMeet app is the fact that it is free to use, and it doesn’t have any separate business plans yet. Allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted 24hrs, instead of the Zoom’s 40 minute limit on meetings with three or more total participants for a free plan.

    Currently, it supports up to 100 participants in 720p resolution, with Zoom-like UI but the video quality differs, with the waiting room, screen sharing, and more.

    Meanwhile, web mode supports the recording option. Reliance Jio said that the app complies with all data security requirements. JioMeet is best for small scale businesses to arrange cross-team meetings.

    JioMeet signup

    How to register on JioMeet

    Like other web online services, you have to register or signup to start using the service. But one good thing about JioMeet is that you can easily signup without any premium subscription fee.

    1. Go to JioMeet official webpage.

    2. Click SIGN UP at the top right.

    3. Then fill the names as a personal user, enter the following first/last names, email address/phone number.

    4. Go to your email address and Click VERIFY from the JioMeet confirmation link. If you entered your phone number, you will be requested to enter the OTPs.

    5. Then you can then complete the registration by entering your password and click on CONTINUE.

    How to register with your company domain as a business user

    On the other hand, you can easily scroll down to the SIGNUP page, where you can click on the Sign In with Company domain to register with your company domain as a business user.

    On that page, you can then enter your company domain and proceed with the next steps. Or you can enter your official email address, but only when you don’t know your company domain name, and you can simply tap on it on the page below.

    JioMeet logo

    Download JioMeet Apps

    Since you are done with the registration and sign-up. It is actually time for you to download the application on any of your devices via any of the links below:

    JioMeet Android: Get from Google Playstore for Android running from 5.0 and above and supports 2GB RAM and above.

    JioMeet iPhone and iPad: Get from Apple iTunes store for iPhone/iPads running from iOS 9 and above, with 1GB RAM and above.

    JioMeet Mac: Running from MacOS 10.13 and above, and 2GB RAM above.

    JioMeet Windows: Running from Windows 10 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64) and above, and 4GB RAM above. It will download JioMeet’s executable setup file on your PC, open, install and setup the file.

    JioMeet Web: For Chrome browser v80 and above and Firefox v57 and above.

    After you must’ve downloaded, installed, and set up the application on your device platform. You can then sign-in using the login details that you have already created at first.

    How to Host or Join a Meeting

    Hosting a meeting, Plan a meeting, or Joining a meeting on JioMeet is straight-forward and quite simple. It can be done on the JioMeet web page.

    To get started on joining a meeting, go to JioMeet’s official website on your macOS or Windows PCs. And click on Join a meeting from the top drop-down menu on the site.

    Join JioMeet meeting

    After clicking on that link to join the meeting, you will be required or asked to enter the meeting ID and a subsequent password, as has been sent to you by the meeting’s host.

    With these details, users can access a meeting on the go without the need to sign up first. It is usually the best option for users who do not have JioMeet set up already.

    Zoom might take legal action against JioMeet

    JioMeet is definitely the future of video conferencing along with other apps, but the JioMeet has an identical User Interface (UI) design with ZOOM, which explains why the company is thinking of taking legal actions against JioMeet for copying its own design.

    Sameer Raje, India Head Zoom Communications, said that he was shocked at the resemblance between the two apps and that there were a lot of discussions going on internally.

    JioMeet Desktop

    Raje said that he would leave it on the legal team to take the matter further. “We knew it was coming. It’s fine, it is not the first time Zoom has faced competition. Our strength has been our products and technology, and our focus is on customers. What our competitors do is their strategy,” Raje told ET.

    It is a screen to screen copy of Zoom but uses your mobile number or email address to host unlimited free video calls, unlike Zoom. JioMeet has seen around 1 million downloads in the first week of its launch.

    However, the real question is if JioMeet passes Zoom’s legal actions, then can it withstand the strong market with Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.