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How to share data on Airtel – How to transfer Airtel MB with Data Me2U

    In this article, you will learn the fastest and simplest way on how to share data on Airtel. Airtel telecom has provided an opportunity to share data, buy data and transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel.

    Either way, we will have to introduce you to Airtel SmartSHARE. It is where you will understand more about Data Me2U (aka Data Share), and Data Gifting.

    Since we have established a basic understanding of the two most important aspects of this article and that is what the Airtel data sharing is all about. Let’s learn the shortest method on how to transfer Airtel MB / data from Airtel to Airtel.

    Data Me2U – How to transfer data on Airtel

    *. Dial *141# on your phone and send it.
    *. Choose option 6 (Gifting or Me2U) and reply.
    *. Choose option 3 (Data Me2U) and reply.
    *. Select 2 (Send Me2U from existing allowance and reply.
    *. Enter the recipient’s number and reply.
    *. Now enter Data Allowance (MB) like 50, 100, 200, and reply.
    *. Now enter PIN and reply.
    *. You will receive a successful message.

    How to share data on Airtel
    Source: Airtel Nigeria

    The Airtel Data Me2U also known as Data Share allows customers to transfer data from their existing data allowance to another Airtel customer.

    What is Airtel Data Me2U: You can “share” or “transfer” from the data allowance of an already purchased data bundle to another customer. For example, if you have purchased a 1.5GB Monthly, you can transfer up to 200MB to another customer.

    Receivers/Recipient: Fortunately, the recipient or receiver can be another customer e.g your friend, family, etc, or just your other device with an Airtel line. It is available to all Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid customer account owners.

    What type of data can be shared: Airtel Me2U users can share or transfer their weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks on the Data Me2U. While social plans and free data are excluded from the offer.

    About Expiry date: The shared data expiry date will have the same validity as the original data. This means that, if your friend subscribed to Airtel 1GB on 1st January, and you share some of that data – when your data expires on the 1st of February, yours (as the recipient) will also expire on that same day.

    Is there auto-renewed on shared data: Even if your friend auto-renewed his/her Airtel 1GB Plan, you as the recipient data/MB will not auto-renewed on shared data? You have to ask your friend/family member to share another MB with you.

    Minimum/Maximum data to be shared: The maximum data that can be shared at a time with your friend or friends is 200MB data to one person and a maximum of 2 recipients daily -200MB each with 2 recipients daily. You can share data with the same person again only after that person finishes the first shared data.

    Data Gifting – How to buy data for Airtel line

    *. Dial *141# on your phone and reply.
    *. Choose option 6 (Gifting or Me2U) and reply.
    *. Choose option 2 (Data gifting)
    *. Select the plan you’d like to gift (weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks) and reply.
    *. Select the main plan under each bundle.
    *. Enter the recipient’s phone number.
    *. That is it.

    How to transfer Airtel MB with Data Me2U

    Unlike the Data Me2U, the Airtel Data gifting allows you to buy a data bundle plan for another customer by paying with your airtime.

    For example, if your friend/family runs out of data, you can just buy another data plan for the person. You are not transferring money, you are buying a data bundle for another line.

    Receivers/Recipient: The person must be on Airtel, it must be an Airtel line. You can gift your friend, family, relatives, or another Airtel line that you are using.

    What type of plan can be gifted: It’s better than the Data Me2U that allows you to share a fraction of your data. Instead, you can choose to gift any of the following to your friend or family, either Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles, or MegaPacks.

    About Expiry date: It expires as other normal data expiry dates. If it is a daily plan, it expires 1day, while the weekly plan expires 7days and Monthly/Megaplans expires 30days/60days for some.

    Is there auto-renewed on gifted data: Be it shared data, or gifted data, auto-renewed isn’t still supported?

    Minimum/Maximum data to be gifted: There are no restrictions, there are no minimum or maximum data to be gifted. You can gift data to as many people, as many times as you wish.

    Who is paying for Data Gifting: Since the recipients of Data, Sharing/Gifting do not need to pay for the data or bundle received. But the sender has already paid for it.


    How to change Airtel transfer pin

    To change your Airtel transfer pin, follow the below steps:

    *. Dial *141# from your Airtel line.
    *. Choose option 6 (Data gifting and sharing) and reply.
    *. Choose option 1 (Change PIN – Default PIN -1234) and reply.
    *. Enter Old PIN – former pin or default pin and reply.
    *. Enter New PIN – A four-digit number that can be easily remembered and reply.
    *. Confirm New PIN – Enter the new pin again to confirm and reply.
    *. You will receive a successful message.

    The Airtel transfer Pin for Data Sharing was created to prevent an unauthorized person from doing Data Sharing/Gifting from a customer’s phone.

    For the Data Sharing/Gifting first-timers, Airtel Nigeria will require users to change their Pin from the default Pin to their personal choice of Pin. That means a Pin is required before you can share or gift data.

    What to do if Airtel transfer is blocked

    Before we continue, understand that the PIN reset option is available on the *141# USSD menu. and one PIN is applicable for Data Gifting & Data Me2U.

    Meanwhile, your PIN is only barred from using any of the services at the fifth pin attempt, for 1 hour at a time. After 3 barrings in 24-hour, the customer has to call customer care for a reset.

    How to check Data balance on Data Me2u / Data Gifting

    Like any other Airtel data plan bundle, you can easily check your data balance by dialing *140# USSD code on your phone. It is quite simple and short.

    Within a minute or so, Airtel will send the data balance as a message reply to your inbox. Please note that the other ways such as *141*11*0# and *123*10# are no longer working as normal.

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    Airtel Data Me2U vs Airtel Data Gifting

    The below table contains the similarities and differences between the Airtel Data Me2U vs Airtel Data Gifting. They include:

    [table id=138 /]

    In any of the options above, Airtel Data Gifting or Data Me2U, you can’t do it with another network provider such as MTN, GLO, 9mobile (Etisalat), or Ntel.

    Airtel Me2U allows you to share data, and Airtel Data Gifting allows you to buy data for your friends, relatives, and colleagues. This article is informative and helps you if you don`t know how to share data on Airtel.