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How to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet – Screenshot samsung tablet

    Wondering how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet that you are using right now? It is pretty simple, just press and holds the power button and the volume down button at the same time and that is it.

    From the beginning of the tablet industry, taking screenshots on any Samsung tablet has been easy to know. With the above quick easy step, you can take screenshots or screen grab on all Android devices out there.

    Prior to the first method at the top of this article, there are other cool ways you can learn how to screenshot on tablet Samsung. Well, it doesn’t really matter which tablet, even the Galaxy tab 2, tab e, or even the latest Samsung tablets in the market right now.

    Galaxy Tab S6

    Most times, we don’t get to use screenshots on our various tablets, or Android Smartphones, but when you are going through very important content, pictures, or a webpage and you feel like keeping a copy, that is when this amazing feature will become of use.

    Although, most apps do not support screenshots or screen recording, especially streaming services. For instance, recording anything from streaming services is strictly against the rules, as they want you to pay some monthly cash for watching.

    How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

    After taking screenshots from your Samsung galaxy tablets, there are other features that can be quickly exploited on the main screen, you can activate scroll capture, which allows you to capture the whole of the screen.

    You can also view the screenshots from your Galaxy tablet’s Gallery, which now gives you the power to edit the captured image, and you can also share the captured image locally, or via social media platform.

    how to screenshot samsung tablet
    How to screenshot Samsung tablet – Galaxy Tab S6 home and volume buttons

    Using power and volume down buttons

    To quickly take a screenshot on Samsung tablet e or the latest Samsung Galaxy tab, Press and hold the Power button and volume down button at the same time for about 2-4 seconds and you will hear a sound to confirm that it has been captured.

    After confirming that the screenshots have been captured, then you can release the buttons. Please note on some devices with physical keys: Homescreen button and Power button.

    This method will work on all tablets and Android Smartphone out there, including your Samsung tablets, after all, it runs on Android OS out of the box. Note that the screenshot will be stored in the screenshots folder of your Gallery app.

    how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet using palm swipe feature
    How to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet using palm swipe feature – Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

    Using palm swipe feature

    There are a couple of different ways to capture screenshots on your tablet, depending on what model you have. Well, if you are looking for another easier way to take screenshots, then using your own palm gesture will do a great deal.

    In order to take screenshots using palm swipe, you need to activate this feature by visiting your tablet Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and gestures > click on Palm swipe to capture > tap the switch button to Turn on and activate.

    how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet2

    Or you can quickly click on Settings, search for Palm swipe to capture and tap the switch to turn on Palm swipe to capture, which also activates the feature.

    That is it, you can now swipe the edge of your hand across the screen to quickly take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy tab. That is it, it is simple, fast, and very easy to use.

    how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablet3

    However, there are a few things to note down. You can’t take screenshots if the tablet does not detect your palm swipe. And also, it won’t work while your Galaxy tab keyboard is showing. Close the keyboard and swipe correctly across the screen to take your screenshots.

    Unfortunately, this is NOT supported on all Samsung Galaxy tablets. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite does not support Palm swipe to capture, because of its hardware limitation. Understand that the Tab S6 Lite is the souped down version of the original Galaxy Tab S6.

    how to screenshots samsung table using s pen air command

    Using S Pen Air command feature

    Samsung’s major signatures are based on its S-Pen support, the Stylus Pen. Although the S Pen is not supported on all the Galaxy Tablet lineup, it is one of the major features that differ from the Galaxy Note lineup from the S series.

    Time over time, Samsung has improved what the S Pen can do, it recently added a Bluetooth feature that allows you to control your Samsung Galaxy tablet by just waving, pressing your S Pen.

    To take a screenshot on your S-pen supported Galaxy tab, on the screen page you’d like to take a screenshot of, use the S pen to tap the Air command menu icon > then tap Screen writes and your tablet will automatically take a screenshot.

    Normally, when the Air command takes this screenshot, it is expecting you to perform some editing on the captured page, but you can skip that and tap Save to store the screenshot in Gallery.

    When your S pen takes the screenshot of your current tab screen, you can use the controls to write or draw on the screenshot. Unfortunately, this won’t be supported on Galaxy tablets with no support for S Pen such as tab e, tab 2, and others.

    Additional – How to take long screenshots in Samsung

    Using the scroll capture feature on your Samsung tab, you can quickly take long screenshots of the whole screen page. With scroll capture, you can capture the full screen, instead of half, and better than sending multiple screenshots.

    To make this long screenshot on your Samsung tablet, follow the normal method of taking a screenshot with slight tweaks:

    a. Press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time
    b. Quickly tap on a button that looks more like a double down arrow symbol or Edit (the pencil icon) that will appear at the bottom of the screen
    d. For the Galaxy tab with the Edit (the pencil icon), write or draw on the screenshot, or crop out a portion of it that you don’t need right away. The cropped portion will be saved in the Gallery.
    e. While the Samsung galaxy tab with the double down arrow symbol, continuous tapping on the symbol will take scroll capture and will automatically save when you press the Done button.

    Like when you’re on a large webpage, tap Scroll capture, and the screen will automatically swipe down so more content can be captured. Keep tapping the Scroll capture icon until you’ve reached the bottom of the page.

    You can also take scroll capture using your S Pen, it is simple and more convenient. To do this, Pull out your S Pen > tap on the Air command icon > click on screen writes which will take screenshots automatically > tap on the Scroll capture button on the bottom of the screen to take long screenshots.

    As usual, when you are done, tap on the ‘Download/Save’ icon on the bottom of the screen menu, and it will save to your Galaxy Tab Gallery, where you can either view, edit, or share. Longer screenshots look more like an infographic.

    How to screenshot Samsung tablet using apps

    Fortunately, you can also take screenshots on your Samsung tablets using Android apps, which can be downloaded from Google’s Playstore, and installed on your Galaxy tablet.

    Normally, using the default screenshot method for Android will solve any screenshots problem, but if you want a step ahead, then you can choose to use some Android apps.

    One of the best apps for taking screenshots is the free Screenshot sharer by Rosenfeld Apps with 4.2 ratings, 1000+ installs. There is the paid Screenshot Pro – Quick Capture app with a 4.5 rating, 100k+ installs, and more. Search for these apps to download and see more options.

    How to screenshot on Samsung tablet 2

    How to screenshot on Samsung tablet e

    The Samsung Galaxy Tablet E was introduced around July 2015 with 9.6″ 800 x 1280 pixels, the EU version runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and the US version runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop), that can be upgradable to 7.0 (Nougat).

    It did not come with support for S Pen, and the software wasn’t enough and incomparable to what we have now. For instance, you can’t take a screenshot using the S Pen, or Palm swipe feature.

    There are two ways of taking screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet E, and there are supported on all Android-powered Smartphones – Press and hold the power button with volume down to take a screenshot or you can download the screenshots app via Playstore.

    How to screenshot on Samsung tablet 2

    The same that applied to the Samsung galaxy tab e, is also applicable here to the Samsung tablet 2. It is either following the traditional method or downloads some good screenshots mobile app from Google Playstore to take screenshots.

    In order to quickly take screenshots on your Samsung tablet 2, tap on the power/home button and the volume down  button at the same time, and it’ll automatically take screenshots on your tablet. After all, it runs on Android

    Whereby, you want to get excited, you can try using some of the good Android apps from Google Playstore. Fortunately, these apps aren’t much, which means, they won’t occupy your phone storage space.

    What you can do with Samsung tablet screenshots

    Actually, there must be a reason why you decided to search for how to screenshot the Samsung tablet, but the good news is that the moment you take this screenshot, it is now like other images on your tablet gallery.

    That said, when you must have taken screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet, it automatically saves to your phone Gallery, in the Screenshot Album, where you can now view, edit or even share using any available sharing options.

    You can also view your screenshots from your tablet notification panel. After taking the screenshots, automatically, it saves and notifies you of the message, scroll down and view it directly, or click on it to take you to Gallery.

    When taking screenshots on your Samsung tablet, we advise you to hold your tablet very well. As you can imagine, the screen display is massive, taking screenshots makes you shift your hands a little bit, and any slight fall may/may not damage the device.