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How to unsubscribe MTN Apps Club now

    MTN apps club: One of the most disturbing self-activating subscriptions from MTN. The MTN Apps Club turns out to be an intoxicating service that automatically charges your account for something you never gave your consent to.

    Today, we will learn how to easily unsubscribe from MTN Apps Club. However, before we continue, we will learn what MTN apps clubs is all about, their features, its important and many other things.

    How to unsubscribe MTN Apps Club?

    You may unsubscribe from the service through the mobile site, by accessing > Account section and click on Unsubscribe. This can be done from within the tab in the application. Yes, you’ve finally unsubscribe from MTN apps club.

    Please,note that when you uninstall the Apps Club, the service isn’t canceled automatically. As you can continue downloading games from the web storefront, but the user experience will be limited. To unsubscribe fully, follow the above setting.

    If that doesn’t work, you can also dial *447# menu and check which service you are subscribed to on MTN, and if you find out any one, you can easily unsubscribe from them on the menu.

    Also understand that when you cancel your subscription, you can no longer continue to use the apps you downloaded, because the apps are linked to your subscription. However, MTN said your data will remain intact for 2 months after the cancelation.

    How to unsubscribe MTN Apps Club
    How to unsubscribe MTN Apps Club

    What is the Apps Club?

    MTN mentioned that the Apps Club is an innovative service that offers unlimited downloads of premium apps and games for a fixed low rate. With this subscription model, you have access to hundreds of apps to enjoy whenever you like.

    The telecom company also went ahead to mention that the Apps Club Features the best apps from all categories: Games, Kids, Tools, Health, Education, Photography, and more. There are over 1200 top premium quality apps & games without advertisements, all in-app features included.

    Features of Apps Club

    • Access to top worldwide apps, with no advertisements or in-app purchases
    • Wide variety of apps available from the most popular gaming genres to photography, video, lifestyle, and tool apps
    • Free trial period to make sure users can experience high-quality apps.
    • Apps Club is available to Android, iOS and feature phone users.
    • Price after free trial: N20/day, N50/week or N100/month.
    • Browsing of Apps Club is free of data consumption as well as downloading apps.
    • Apps Club’s MTN Gallery offers a great way to get Ayoba and MyMTN apps downloaded without consuming data.

    MTN also said that the top premium 1200+ mobile apps are available for a low subscription fee. You don’t need to buy an app or game separately as well as to pay for in-app inside the apps. Free browsing of Apps Club and downloading MTN’s own apps here.