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How to watch AMCVA 2018 live and online?

    One of the biggest show for celebrities and entertainers is here, it is the AMVCA 2018 (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards) and the date has been slated for today, including the starting time for red carpet and award time.

    2018 will mark the sixth edition of the AMVCAs and guess what, it is proudly sponsored by Konga and supported by Nokia Phones and Heritage Bank. We are all aware that Africa Magic is in collaboration with Multichoice.

    Who are AMVCA 2018?

    AMVCA 2018 (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards) are interested in talents, it was created to celebrate the contribution of African filmmakers, actors and technicians in the success of the continent’s film and television industry.

    Although, entries started since 1st of April but has been officially ended on the 30th of April. The AMVCAs celebrate filmmakers in different categories ranging from acting and directing to scriptwriting and cinematography.

    The different categories includes: acting, directing, scriptwriting and cinematography. Others are Short Film or Online Video, Soundtrack, Costume Designing, Sound and Lighting amongst others. For 2018 there are 27 categories in all, with 7 open to viewers and 20 decided by the respected AMVCA panel of judges.

    amvca show

    How to watch AMVCAs 2018 live?

    There are different ways or methods to watch AMVCA 2018 live. You have to stay tuned to Africa Magic on DSTV on the following channels:

    – DSTv: Africa Magic Showcase – DStv Channel 151
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Epic – DSTv Channel 152
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Urban – DStv Channel 153
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Family – DStv Channel 154
    – DSTv: Africa Magic World – DStv Channel 155
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Hausa – DStv Channel 156
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Yoruba – DStv Channel 157
    – DSTv: Africa Magic Igbo – DStv Channel 159

    Below are the ways to watch AMVCA 2018 Live on GOtv:

    – GOTV: Africa Magic Epic – GOtv Channel 9
    – GOtv: Africa Magic Family: GOtv Channel 2
    – GOtv: Africa Magic World – and GOtv channel 10
    – GOtv: Africa Magic Hausa – GOtv Channel 4
    – GOtv: Africa Magix Yourba – GOtv Channel 5

    The AMVCAs will be broadcast LIVE on all Africa Magic channels on DStv and GOtv.

    How to watch AMVCAs 2018 online?

    You can go ahead and download DSTV Now and connect your DSTV account. You can easily watch the show from DSTV Now.

    You can also get live updates of the event on any of Africa Magic’s social media platform. Kindly Follow Africa Magic on Twitter at @africamagictv; on Instagram at @africamagic and on Facebook @ Africa Magic.

    Q:Who are the Nominees of AMVCAs 2018

    A: You can checkout the Nominees of the AMVCA 2018, by clicking HERE.

    Q: What is the date of AMVCAs 2018?

    A: The date of AMVCA 2018 (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards) has been set to 1st of September, 2018.

    Q: What is the time of AMVCAs 2018?

    A: The time of AMVCA 2018 (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards) is 4pm for RED CARPETS and 7pm for Awards shows.

    Q: Where and when will the AMVCAs hold?

    A: The 2018 AMVCA will hold in Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, September 1st, 2018 at the Eko Hotel

    Enjoy the show!