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How to watch Showmax Movies in Nigeria – Plans, Subscription, and Sign Up

    Showmax Nigeria is just another video on-demand service in Nigeria. It offers hundreds of Nollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Movies, Series, Sports (BETA), Kids movies (Cartoon), and much more are recently added.

    Multichoice officially launched a localized version of its video on-demand service, Showmax for the Nigerian market. It was announced on 24th of July, 2019 and it was affiliated with DSTv on their Premium package.

    After South Africa, and Kenya, Nigeria is the third African country with a localized version of Showmax. Although, people can watch, subscribe and activate the generic version Showmax (before its official appearance in Nigeria).

    Today, we will strictly discuss how you can activate, subscribe, sign-up, setup and watch Showmax in Nigeria  movies, videos, TV shows/series with tailored content to your satisfaction without any hassles.

    showmax nigeria

    On this article, you will practically learn everything about Showmax, detailed plans/subscription, how many devices are wanted, how to pay, and give you the necessary details.

    About Showmax Video on-demand service

    Showmax is an internet-based subscription video on demand service that allows you to watch TV shows and movies. There are international content as well as localized content. Officially launched in 2015.

    You can access to thousands of hours of local and international movies and series, with a wide range of devices from smart TVs and computers to smartphones and tablets.

    Showmax is available on multiple devices (5 device) so you can enjoy the best entertainment at home or on the move. There are different plans and subscriptions.

    Anyways, am still nervous about Nigeria data service, because this has been chasing users from subscribing to any video on-demand service in the country. Poor internet service has crippled the goal of having one mighty on-demand service.

    Showmax Plan
    Showmax Plan/Subscription

    Showmax Nigeria Subscription Plan

    Before you subscribe to any service of any kind, you are required to know the price and cost of that service. Showmax Nigeria has both “Standard Plan” and “Mobile Only Plan”

    Showmax ‘’Standard’’ Plan:

    In Nigeria, the current Showmax subscription costs 2900 NGN per month for new users on credit card payments.

    While for new subscribers using PayPal or existing users in Nigeria already subscribed to Showmax, subscription costs 7.99 USD per month.

    Showmax ‘’Mobile Only’’ Plan:

    In Nigeria, the current Showmax mobile only plan subscription costs 1450 NGN per month for new users on credit card payments. Remember that this is limited to smart phones and tablets only.

    While this service is only available in Nigeria and Kenya. The subscription costs 375 KSH per month for new users on credit card payments in Kenya.

    Showmax signup

    How to Sign-up on Showmax

    This is the first step to set-up Showmax on your device, and that is to sign-up. Sign-up comes in different ways, registering with Showmax exclusive or with Showmax on DSTV Premium Plan.

    Showmax Only Service

    You can watch Showmax on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung & LG Smart TVs. To get started:

    1. Go to Showmax official website and click on “Try it free for 14 days”

    2. Sign up by entering your details (Username and Password)

    3. Enter your debit card details

    4. Since its 14 days free trial, Showmax will charge N10 for confirmation.

    5. That is all, you can now watch on PC, or download the app and watch on your phone, either iPhone or Android.

    Have it in mind, that after the 14 free trial, you will be charged N2900, unless you switch to N1450 mobile only plan. You can still cancel your plan after the 14days or any other time.

    showmax dstv premium

    DSTv Premium with Showmax

    Right now, DSTv Premium costs N15,800 and subscribing to this DSTv Nigeria package will give you the privileged of watching both DSTv channels and Showmax altogether.

    But the costs of DSTv premium is definitely on the high side. Anyways, if you are still interested, you can quickly follow the below tutorial:

    1. Go to Showmax official website

    2. Click on DSTv Premium?

    3. Click on “Get my unique code” to purchase the DSTV premium package on your account

    4. Or you can skip that and click on “Already have my code”

    Showmax app

    How to Download Showmax app

    You can watch either Showmax Nigeria Standard or Mobile Only plan on either PC or Smartphone device such as Apple iPhone or Android mobile phone. The support includes:

    1. Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.3 or higher

    2. Android phones and tablets running Android 4.4.0 or higher

    You can download the Showmax Nigeria app on iPhone from Apple Appstore or on Android phone via Google Playstore.

    Where to watch Showmax Nigeria?

    You can watch Showmax Nigeria in different platform, aside from the DSTV premium package, you can also decide to watch Showmax on their official website. Below are the places that you can Showmax:

    1. Laptops/PC via official website
    2. Apple Devices via iOS app
    3. Android Devices via iOS app
    4. Smart TVs via website or app
    5. Gaming consoles

    showmax my devices

    Showmax Device Limit

    You can register five devices on your Showmax account on the same subscription plan. You may watch on two registered devices simultaneously, these are referred to as active devices.

    This totally unlike Netflix, where the Basic $7.99 allows you to watch/download on 1 screen at a time in Standard deefinition, or the Standard $9.99 allows you to watch/download on 2 screens at a time in HD, or the Premium $11.99 that allows you to watch/download on 4 screens at a time in HD and Ultra HD.

    Note that Showmax ‘’Mobile Only’’ plan/subscription allows you to watch on one mobile device only. Your first registered device used for playback is counted as your single device.

    You can however, watch l trailers as well as browse on other devices without restrictions. Login on Showmax website, go to My Account > My Devices to view your registered devices.

    showmax downloads

    How to download movies on Showmax

    You can only make use of iPhone or Android app to download movies on Showmax, this is not available on their website:

    1. Search for the movie

    2. Click on the title of the movie

    3. You will see a download arrow, tap on it

    4. Your download will begin immediately

    5. Go to “Downloads” feature on the bottom and you will see all your movie and series you are downloading there.

    With 5 different devices, you can watch and download 25 different movies on those 5 devices at a time. As download content is available on compatible iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets that support Widevine Classic or Widevine Modular DRM.

    Please understand that downloaded content is available for viewing on your device up to 30 days from the day the content was successfully downloaded. Once you press play, you have up to 48 hours to view the content.

    As expected, you can watch those downloaded contents as many times as you want under 48hours. And yes, you can watch those downloaded content without using the internet connection. Here is the company’s FAQs page.