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HP launched Spectre Slimmest and thinnest Laptop – Available in May

    Hp launches the Slimmest and thinnest Laptop ever. The Hp laptop is as thin as an average index finger. Spectre measures 10.4 millimetres (0.41 inch) at its thickest point, this makes it slimmer than the 12-inch MacBook (0.52 inches) and MacBook Air (0.68 inches).

    It is not even heavy, just slim, thin and light. This laptop weighs 1.11kg only. HP laptop are highly techy laptops. They can even transfer your Business like Computer Business into a different faze.

    hp thinnest laptop

    The laptop comes with 8GB LDDR3 RAM and 512GB SSD storage and runs on 6th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. A hybrid battery that lasts up to 9.45 hours on a single charge, according to the company. The laptop includes 3 Type-C USB I/O ports.

    Below is a short video showing you the slimmest and thinnest HP laptop that you have set your eyes on.

    Specifications of HP Spectre 13 Laptop

    => Windows Version:- Latest Windows 10

    => SSD storage:- 512GigaBytes. With up to 512GB of PCIe-based SSD storage system. Makes this laptop, 5x more faster when accessing the documents and surfing the internet.

    => Intel® Corei Processor:- A 6th Generation Intel® Corei Processor.

    => RAM:- 8GB RAM.

    => Wireless Connectivity:- A 2×2 Wi-Fi antenna, which give the users, a faster wireless speeds.

    => Multi Used Ports:- A three multi-use USB Type-C ports, and amazingly, they all support charging, high-speed data transfer, and external displays.

    This laptop comes with a copper design combined with carbon fibre that gives the laptop a premium look. The Technology giant HP has launched Spectre, touted as the world’s thinnest laptop. And Why it is even getting interested is that, the New HP Spectre will be available in Nigeria starting May. That is Next month.