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HUAWEI 12000mAh 40W SuperCharge two-way Power Bank

    Huawei unveils a 12000mAh 40W SuperCharge Power bank, that comes with two-way fast charging, which can charge laptops efficiently. This is a top-notch power bank.

    The Huawei 12000mAh 40W SuperCharge Power Bank was also announced during the P30 series debuts. Another great news here is that, it can even charge MacBooks and other laptops with support for USB Type-C PD charging.

    During the P30 and P30 Pro official launch, the company also introduced other tech gadgets, which are smart sunglasses, earphones, and new Watch GT editions.

    It can charge The power bank can also be charged in just 2 hours and 14 minutes with a 40W charger. It comes with two USB ports – USB-A which provides the maximum 40W output, which is specifically for SuperCharge compatible phones.

    HUAWEI 12000mAh 40W SuperCharge two-way Power Bank

    While on the other hand, the second port is USB-C, which offers Power Delivery charging. Allowing you to perform a quick-charge other non-Huawei devices.

    Apart from the two port, the Power bank comes with the usual power button, to check the charge status also and four LED light indicators.

    The company noted that the power bank can charge up to 70% of the Huawei P30 Pro battery in 30 minutes with the 40W SuperCharge.

    For informational purposes, you must understand that the 12,000 mAh powerbank can be topped up in 2h 14 minutes at the 40W rate.

    It is available in White and Blue and weighing just 227 grams, the SuperCharge Powerbank is priced at 99 Euros (US$ 111). And it’ll be made available sooner.