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Chinese brand, Huawei beats Apple to second place in smartphone sales

    Is Apple doing this or is Apple not doing this? We are all shocked by the new appearance and stunts from one of the biggest Chinese brand, Huawei! It is a mobile phone company that makes stunning Smartphones, and other necessary gadgets.

    Huawei is now the second biggest smartphone sellers, right after Samsung. Apple was in that position but right now, Huawei bags Apple’s 2nd place spot in global smartphone sales.

    The report has been published by analyst firm Gartner. This is happening in the second quarter of 2018, and the Gartner statistics reports are believed to be true.

    According to the source, who noted that the overall global smartphone sales grew 2 percent in the same quarter to 374 million units. Where Huawei brand had more than 49 million shipments and Apple with 44 million units. Both companies are pulling weights, but it is nothing more like Samsung with 72% million shipments.

    Huawei P20 Pro
    Huawei P20 Pro

    Although, they was a 12.7 percent decline over the same quarter last year, in Samsung markets. Chinese companies are the reason for the cause, but the certainty here is that the, Huawei smartphones innovations are more appealing and it is declining the sales of Samsung phones market.

    On the other parts, Cupertino Giant, Apple aren’t having it like other companies, where the markets still stood on a rather flat quarter with 0.9 percent growth in Q2 2018. Huawei market share grew 38.6 percent in the Q2 of 2018.

    In Q1 of 2018, everything was different, where Samsung was in the top spot with 20.8 percent market share, Apple came second with 14.1 percent, and Huawei was ranked third with 10.5 percent share. Operating system market share is in favor of Google’s Android 88% while Apple’s iOS takes the remaining.

    Apple recently became the US first company and first tech company to reach $1billion. Anyways, the reason for Apple reduction in market share is the decline in iPhone X purchases. Xiaomi and Oppo stays in fourth and fifth position. Apple is looking forward to launch more cheaper phones globally, especially in India!