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Infinix Note 5 vs Infinix Note 4 – Lets compare

    Surprisingly, Infinix mobility unveiled their latest flagship premium device, the Note 5. Recall that, the company announced the Note 4 and Note 4 Pro device last year and yep, it was all kind of heavy, chunky and big bezels.

    But this year, everything changed! The Infinix Note 4 wasn’t lit on my side, after all, the Note 3 arrived with much anticipated specs than the Note 4, its all about the suffix name and fame! What amazed me, is the Note 4 Pro with X-pen, that kept me electrified!

    From all aspect of consciousness and awareness, the Note 3 and Note 4 were indeed known to have different fortunate and pleasant sales for the company, but the Pro version with X-pen, requires an extra fee of N4500, others complaining around N5000 – N15000, and Infinix failed to address that issue!

    The Note 4 was too chunky, due to the physical home button on the front, that escapes the Note 5! Infinix deserve few accolades on adopting and implementing the latest designs, spotless display for the Note 5, but it still looks more of lower mid-range!

    Infinix Note 5 vs Infinix Note 4

    This is the comparison table of specs and feature, between both phones and tell us, which you still prefer! Remember that the Note 5 isn’t made with glass, most of this specs were compromised, in order to provide an economical costs.

    Infinix Note 5 Vs Infinix Note 4 – Table Comparison

    [table id=51 /]

    If the Note 5 fails to excite the fans, am 100% sure that the successor and the higher variants, Infinix Note 5 Pro with X-pen feature, won’t turn anyone down! But Infinix need to address the X-pen pricing!

    Am still waiting for the day, Infinix mobility will wow its customers in Nigeria with some cool and advanced innovating specifications and features. They will soon unveil the Infinix Note 5 Pro, am very much waiting for that!