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Infinix XE02 Dual Noise Cancellation Headphone Specs

    Infinix Mobility launches a Dual Noise Cancellation Headphone (XE02). This new technology changes the way, you listened to songs. After inserting it into your ears, the songs played through it give you a humor of what good music is all about.

    And when you are making calls, this Infinix XEO2 Dual Noise Cancellation Headphone accessories can make the calls go smoothly even when you are in a noisy area. And one features about this Infinix XEO2 is that, it can be used continuously for 10-hrs on a full charge.

    Infinix XE02

    The Infinix headphone fits well in the ear and can block out background noise with rubber earbuds in addition to the active noise cancellation. The headphone has great sound quality with crisp reproduction of music and voices. You will enjoy this Infinix Headphone especially when making calls and listening to music.

    According to the Infinix Forum, the Headphone arrives in a unique 2.5 D wrapped density, it features a red-green-yellow tri color LED indication which is both functional and aesthetically appealing. And another thing is that, it guarantees an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95%.

    Infinix Dual Noise Cancellation Headphone

    And the infinix headphone has great sound quality with crisp reproduction of music and voices. A small finger size battery pack on the cable just before the headphone powers the electronics with a sturdy clip on the side.

    The Infinix XE02 headphone is the latest accessory from Infinix. And the headphone features super sound quality and dual noise cancellation.  We have no accurate price of the headphone and it has not been released on Online stores. Stay Tuned!