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Soon, you’ll be able to upload an hour long video on Instagram

    One thing is sure; It will boost Facebook video ad revenue

    Facebook-owned Instagram might be pulling a new stunt later on in the future and right now, the platform is getting more interesting and attractive but time-wasting. Instagram is reportedly bringing a serious change to the video-length.

    Normally, users on Instagram are allowed to upload short videos but rumors states that Instagram may introduce an hour-long video time. Instagram would be allowing users to upload longer videos.

    With this new upcoming feature on the Instagram, the company would be competing intensely with youtube’s and might definitely overtake the market. Among other chances, it will bring more incentives for social media influencers.


    And it could help increase the Facebook video ad revenue; taking the heights from Google’s YouTube. The upcoming feature is connected not just to Youtube’s, the long-form video content might live on it’s own tab, taking examples from Snapchat Discover.

    You will soon be able to watch full movies, comedy videos, video music and much more. At first, longer videos are cut-short due to the company policy and there would be link to the full video but sooner, everything might change within a twinkle of an eye.

    Instagram is definitely targeting a lot of other social platform features. Especially, they are seriously targeting its users with a lot of videos, they might soon be cater-ported to a level, where users would be forced to stay on the platform and perform an unlimited scrolling, hence, watching more videos.