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You can apply to be verified on Instagram right now!

    Want to get verified on Instagram? Here is the time as Instagram is dishing out verification system for all users, globally. Although, it was first available to US only!

    Getting verified on Instagram is quite uneasy and kind of stressful. When you search the internet, “how to get verified on Instagram” you’ll see a lot of articles, all pointing to a single direction and guess what? they don’t work.

    A lot of users are craving for Instagram verification, yep, the blue badge but does it really matter? The answer is left to us, however, others may feel like the blue badge makes them feel important than their peers. Which I really can’t understand.

    An Instagram account which millions might not have the blue badge but with a thousand or so, you’ll see the badge floating like its birthright. A lot of users paid for this but Instagram wants you to have it for free.


    How to get verified on Instagram?

    According to Instagram, “Only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge.”

    But sorry Instagram, you have to change that policy, it just doesn’t work anymore. For those that has the verified blue badge, they passed this steps: popularity with hundreds of followers, have a digital agency to submit your request for you.

    To get started: here is how to apply to be verified in Instagram.
    – Go to your profile
    – Go to Settings
    – Tap “request verification.”
    – Submit to Instagram the following:
    + Account name
    + Full name, and
    + Legal or business ID.

    That is how to apply but to get verified, you’d have to wait for a little while. Instagram didn’t provide waiting time, but within a period of time, after the submission, Instagram will notify you whether your request has been approved or rejected.

    Well, there is pretty much, nothing to do. Just sit and understand how the time works. We can’t really tell the time duration, that is: before the email is answered, or when the elusive blue badge will be added!