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Instagram direct now allow voice messaging option for easy chatting

    One of the best social photo sharing app, Instagram has just announced a new feature to their messaging app, Instagram direct.

    For references, the Instagram direct allows users to message each other within the app. But right now, they have added the ability to send voice messages.

    The Instagram direct adds support for voice messages, it is much like Walkie-Talkie style voice messaging feature. It sends your voice message once you release the microphone button.

    But this isn’t different from how parent company product works, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. Thankfully, the feature is rolling out to both Android and iOS.

    instagram adds voice messaging

    How does it works?

    With this new feature, you can hold the microphone and record voice messages up to one minute in length. The instant you stop holding the mic icon the voice message will be sent.

    However, if you want to delete or discard it, quietly move your finger to the trash icon that shows up while you’re recording. That’s it.

    It is worthy to mention that the voice messages won’t expire. This new feature will fit your lifestyle of chatting via the Instagram direct.

    You can record voice messages using the new addition for up to one minute only and each of the messages you sent or received stays permanently.

    The new feature to send voice messages in Instagram Direct is rolling out globally. It is available for both Android and iOS. To get started, you can easily download the latest Instagram app on your device.