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This isn’t the best time, but Instagram, Facebook is down on thanksgiving day

    Long story cut short, and that is the largest social media network, Facebook and its photo and video-sharing social networking service, Instagram are down.

    For goodness sake, this is thanksgiving. And the best place to experience the flow and joy of this day by sharing those appetizing and exquisite photos are currently down.

    If you are trying to share those image of yours on these social networking app, you will notice that they are down but not totally black out.

    Anyways, Instagram said “some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps, including Instagram.” Which means, they have acknowledged the issue.

    According to their tweets on Twitter, Instagram said they are working on the issue:

    The issue has been going for few hours, and few places where users said that the outages are worst. As they are unable to publish any post to Facebook or view stories on Instagram or even with Messenger.

    In places like Nigeria, UK, and others, #InstagramDown is said to be trending on Twitter. The #InstagramDown trends isn’t important in Nigeria but it is much more important to users in the Europe like UK. After all, today is thanksgiving day.

    Users have been complaining about the issue, but fortunately, the problem is been solved underway. The main issue is that, “This isn’t the best time, but Instagram, and Facebook is down” Messenger is also reportedly among.