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Instagram introduces recently deleted tool that helps users keep it contents

    The video and photo-sharing app, Instagram by Facebook releases a feature that lets you change your mind about deleting a post. It is the “Recently deleted” feature and it improves profile content management.

    However, this isn’t the first time Instagram is trying to encourage people to keep their content before permanently removing it. There is still the archive feature and a way to keep posts without them being publicly available.

    It is very natural that Instagram needs more data on users, that is why they encourage users to store, recover as an optional mode of keeping more files. It benefits from having more content as it is best for the service.

    Instagram designed the recently deleted feature that helps recover content that the user may want to restore in the event of accidental or unintentional deletion of posts from their account.

    Instagram Recently deleted feature

    With this tool, Instagram content can be recovered even after 30days. These recovered contents could be photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and Stories. After 30 days, the contents will be permanently deleted.

    But if the Stories are not achieved, they will be deleted after 24 hours. You can easily access the recently deleted folder, just navigate to the app Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

    Instagram added a level of security to its recently deleted folder, requiring account verification before anything is deleted or restored, as the built-in protections will help prevent hackers from permanently deleting content or restoring content.

    To commence this security format, users will need to confirm they’re the account owner through either text or email in order to permanently delete or restore content.

    Users will have the option to either permanently delete selected content or restore them back to their account. Instagram has already introduced the new tool for their Android and iOS app.