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Instagram Limits now allow people to limit abusive comments and DM requests

    In order to fight against one of the Instagram major effect, the photo-and-video sharing platform introduces another factor known as ‘Instagram Limits’ It is an effective tool that allows its users to limit abusive comments and DM requests.

    Instagram Limits will not only prevent users from receiving unwanted comments and DMs, it’ll also show stronger warnings to discourage harassment. Well, this is not the first time, Instagram will improve its tool to fight against abusive behaviours and harassment.

    Around April, Instagram introduces a abuse prevention tool and list of potentially offensive words, hashtags and emojis that Instagram automatically filters. Fortunately, both tool has expanded globally to everyone.

    However, Instagram will starts showing warnings to discourage harassment only when a user repeatedly tries to post potentially offensive comments. These warning is Instagram’s Community Guidelines reminder and explains that comment may be removed or hidden if they proceed.

    Instagram Limits

    When the author reports a particular comment, and after proceeding, Instagram removed the comment under the Community Guidelines. So, if the users tries to repeatedly publish the abusive comment, Instagram will be forced to display the warning before going ahead.

    When you turn on the Instagram Limits, you will have the full access to automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow you, or immediately to the same to your new followers.

    You might never know when you have gone wrong in today’s committee, but the new Instagram Limits feature is only expected to be used when you are expecting rush of abusive comments and DMs. Sincerely, you really don’t have to wait for it to start happening before activating it.

    Social media users uses these platforms to rain insults and abusive posts to celebrities, influencers, politicians, and even everyday people Alongside Facebook, Twitter, they have fought against these issue, but it is easy on the rise, and it have even led to deaths, suicide and others.

    To turn on the Instagram Limits features, you can go to Privacy settings, and choose to either toggle it on or off. The new feature will be available but the company has not announced when the update will roll out.