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Instagram Reels is a 15-seconds video clips to clone TikTok

    Looking for a TikTok alternative? The Instagram Reels is a 15-seconds video-music remix feature that is meant to take on TikTok. And it is being tested in countries with limited TikTok users.

    Instagram Reels allows users to create a stunning 15 seconds video clips attached with music share them as Stories. It comes with Explore features, that tends to make those shots clips go viral.

    Users on the official Instagram app can find Reels on Instagram Stories shutter modes tray, which is in line to Boomerang and Super-Zoom.

    Instagram Reels comes with amusing features, where its users can easily:
    a. Record with silence
    b. Borrow the audio of another video they find through hashtag search or Explore
    c. Search a popular or trending song.
    d. Users can pick the chunk of the song they want
    e. They can record or upload multiple video clips to fill out their Reel

    Instagram Reels

    After adding the music to your shorts video clip, you can then dive into its useful form of editing tools. After the full editing process, users can then post their Reel to Stories or Close Friends, or message it to people.

    Instagram already has its own monetization option activated once the video is posted. After all, the edited video clip will be played in Stories and the Explore tab.

    Instagram is planning on introducing its customization and on-boarding strategy before rolling out worldwide, the service is currently being tested in Brazil under the name Cenas for both iOS and Android.

    Anyways, we are still unsure if the Instagram Reels will really be an active competition with TikTok. After all, Instagram contents creators are quite different from TikTok fans base.