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You can now remove “unwanted” followers on Instagram

    Instagram users will soon have the ability to remove stalkers, creepy users who poses as followers. Of course, Instagram is among the top used apps worldwide and everyone follow who they love and understand most.

    But at the same time, most of this followers are real life stalkers, acts creepy at the background. Of course, Instagram life is quite amazing, and having shown yourself to the world attracts your kind to yourself.

    You can remove followers that you think are acting weird from your list without notifying them. At first, you can only avoid such followers by either setting your account private, or by blocking them. But this time around, when you note them, you can basically avoid them.

    For now, it is available on Android devices, but will soon roll out globally to all countries. You might want to check if this is working, go to your followers list, if there is three vertical dots to the far right of a user’s name. If you tap on this icon, it will bring up a prompt to remove the selected user from your followers pool.

    If the three dots shows up, that means, you’ve got the update. Meanwhile, for those that haven’t, give them a little while.