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You won’t believe how much Davido, Funke, Tiwa, Wizkid charges for Instagram sponsored post

    The Instagram Rich list 2019 has been released by Hoppers HQ, and you won’t believe how much this celebrities are earning per each sponsored post on their wall. Anyways, the excitement starts from being the top, down to the largest.

    Each of the celebrities found on the Instagram Rich List 2019, are not picked based on their amount of followers, but especially to their influencing audience. However, we are glad that Davido leads Nigerian celebrities on Instagram rich list.

    Davido Adeleke ranks #38 on Instagram Rich List with over 11million followers on Instagram is paid $74,000, which is around N26million plus for each sponsored post on his wall, or profile. For starters, Sponsored posts are just adverts update or status from companies.

    However, Mohamed Salah who ranks #26 on Instagram Rich List 2019 is the highest paid African with over $30million followers. He is constantly paid $165,000 per each sponsored article, which is around N56million plus in Nigeria currency.


    In Nigeria, Actress Funke Akindele Bello ranks #45 under Davido, with 8million followers, is paid $50,500, which is around N18million plus in Nigeria currency. While Ayodeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid in Nigeria follow suite, with 7million plus, charges $49,700, around N17million plus in Nigeria currency. He ranks #46.

    Another Popular Nigerian Singer is Tiwa Savage, who ranks #48 with 7million plus charges $47,200, which is around N16million plus. Candice Swaenpool a South African supermodel ranks directly under Tiwa Savage, #49 and charges $46,700 per sponsored post.

    While the top 10 celebrities on the list includes #1 Kylie Jenner, with 140 million followers, charges $1,266,000 per post. #2 Ariana Grande with 159 million followers charges $996,000 per post, #3 Cristiano Ronaldo with 173 million followers, charges $975,000 per post.

    While #4 Kim Kardashian with 143 million followers, charges $910,000 per post, #5 Selena Gomez with 153 million followers, charges $886,000 per post.

    Nevertheless, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli have emerged as the only stars from India to join the ‘2019 Instagram Rich List’

    While Chopra charges $271,000, for a sponsored Instagram post, with over 43 million followers, is ranked 19th position in the 2019 Instagram Rich List. And Cricket star Kohli ranks 23rd and charges $196,000 with over 36million followers.

    In summary, there are just 6 Africans on the List, and four of them are Nigerians. It is actually awesome and impressive to find Nigerians on the list. Remember this, if the Internet doesn’t make money for you, then it takes money from you.