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You can now save someone Instagram Photos to your phone

    Instagram is currently among the world most visited Social website. Both new users loves them on sight while old people keep loving them, on Instagram you get everything clean and awesome, maybe, you are likely forget yourself once your are there.

    Although, Instagram has the save for later feature but the save photos to your phone is more preferable than any other thing. Long are those days that we will have to look at Instagram photos and either screenshot it and crop out other unnecessary parts or leave it.

    instagram save button

    Right now, Instagram have successfully launch a new button or click as you may call it. But the central idea is concerning the latest Instagram “Save Now” button.

    The button is of alot use to us. From now on, you’ll be able to save posts you’d like to revisit. You’ll see a little bookmark icon – similar to the one on Facebook – on the bottom right of posts. Tap on it, and the post will be saved on a private tab in your profile.

    To me, it is at least more convenient than taking a screenshot of an awesome meal or a photo of a crush. Well, the feature is rolling out today to both Android and iOS (check that you’re on Instagram version 10.2).