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Alas! You can now Install Instagram on Windows desktops but

    Finally, the popular Social Media Application known as Instagram has arrived on Windows Desktops and it comes as Standalone Apps.

    Although, the app was launched on Windows Mobile in April but currently, it is now available on Windows 10, PCs and tablets but it is still yet not on iPad.

    Well, the familiar Instagram features are all supported in Instagram for Windows 10, including access to Instagram Stories, Direct, and Explore. You can also capture, upload, and edit photos, but you’ll need a Windows 10 tablet or PC with a touchscreen to be able to actually upload images.

    And you can also browse your feed, view Stories, as well as check and send direct messages. It also offers search, the Explore tab, and access to your profile, liked posts and settings.


    Meanwhile, the main interface only takes up the center of your screen, leaving plenty of white space on either side. That space could’ve been better utilized to display comments next to photos in your feed, similar to how the Web app shows individual posts.

    And one more thing, the app crashes when you try to add a Story, if you’re using a machine without a backward-facing camera. It’d be best to either hide this button or simply allow people to upload images and video on whatever device they have.

    Download Here!

    Source: TNW and TV

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