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What You Should Know About Internet (Online) Banking in Nigeria

    As of recent, Internet (Online) Banking in Nigeria has really been a wonderful and a awesome business in Nigeria and all the Nigeria Banks are really responding to the improvement in technology.

    Internet Banking, according to the name. It has nothing to do with Mobile Phone but with the internet. Some banks in Nigeria does not conduct Internet Banking but one bank in Nigeria that is popular know for that is GTB Bank!

    The main reasons Internet banking in Nigeria are the need to reduce the number of people that enter banking premises; the need to give bank customers time-saving services.

    The requirements for online banking services differ from bank to bank. However, it is important to have an internet-enabled PC which enables access to one account(s) and some bank service interfaces. Some banks require certain plug-and-play installations.

    internet banking

    For other banks, the customer is only required to subscribe for the service they want; this subscription is usually free. After subscription, a confidential access code would be sent to the customer, after which the customer is expected to visit the bank website where the access code will be used. The customer might choose to change the password given.

    Below are some of the services customers can have access to via internet banking and their includes:-

    1. Account Balance Inquiry
    2. Details of transactions
    3. Transfer of money between accounts
    4. Full statements of account
    5. Access credit facilities and profitability indices
    6. Payment of bills
    7. Make request for bank rates

    internet banking in Nigeria

    How to Sign Up for Internet Banking

    You are require to go into your bank branch to apply for online banking. Some banks will allow you to set up your online banking over the internet, but won’t allow you to transfer money or pay bills until you visit a branch to verify your identity.

    You will need to take your ID book and details of your bank account with you when you apply. If you don’t yet have an account at the bank, you can ask for internet banking when you are setting up your account.

    Most banks include internet and telephone or cellphone banking in the same package. This means that if you sign up for internet banking you will also be able to get account balances and make payments over the phone, using a special password. That way, even if you don’t have access to a computer, you can still pay your bills without having to go to the bank or ATM.