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11 Apple iOS apps are sharing sensitive data with Facebook

    Today, it has been reported that almost 11 iOS apps software on itunes are sharing sensitive data, such as when someone is having their period with Facebook.

    Apple’s itunes appears to be the best and the most secured app store for iPhone, and iPad. Last year, a Privacy International study said 20 out of 34 popular Android apps are sending sensitive information to Facebook without asking permission, including Kayak, MyFitnessPal, Skyscanner and TripAdvisor.

    But it has to do with iOS app, and the information, data shared with Facebook doesn’t mind whether or whether not if you have any account with the social media.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, the apps help track personal information such as body weight, menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

    Fortunately, the iOS apps that has been found violating the rules has been mentioned, and they include: Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker, BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts, Breethe, and Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor.

    Well, in order to share this sensitive data with the social media giant, Facebook without restrictions. They have removed the option for users to prevent them from sharing personal data with Facebook.

    Mark of Facebook

    Not just that, they don’t have options or tabs that shows they are actually sending and transmitting their data to Facebook’s servers.

    However most of this apps uses a Facebook analytics tool called App Events, allowing developers track user activity. But any developer can set up “custom app events,” which can be used for ad targeting. That’s how the apps identified in the report are sending data to Facebook.

    Facebook is not to be blame here, because they have successfully passed a simple instruction to developers, telling them not to share “health, financial information or other categories of sensitive information” with it.

    Facebook said it will force the apps mentioned in the report to stop sharing sensitive data and take action against developers if they don’t comply.

    The source also mentioned that the data is mostly sent to Facebook anonymously, others tends to easily allow Facebook to match some of it to users.

    Before hand, the US Smartphone maker, Apple requires app developers to obtain consent from users before collecting their data and to take measures to stop unauthorized third parties from gaining access to that information.