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How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer – Charging tips

    Most of us are making use of the iPhone right now but at times we don’t know how to use our iPhone exclusively to maintain the longer span of battery as we thought. Here is how to make your iPhone battery last longer.

    With any iPhone at your disposal, trust me, the companion it produces is exceedingly amazing. You will love to spend most of your leisure hours with your iPhone but the moment that joy is taken away, what will you do?

    Although, most iPhone users always use their phones the wrong way and also charge their phones the wrong way, how you can expect that the battery will last longer than 3hours, no, it isn’t possible.

    iphone battery

    Today, we are going to list out the best tricks and tips on how to charge your iPhone battery and make it last longer than you have ever thought. A low battery is such an obstruction that does not let us use our iPhone as long as we need or want to.

    Well, are you now happy that you are about to read and get the best information concerning your Apple iPhone battery span?

    Tips on saving your iPhone battery to stay for a longer time

    With these tips, you will never run dry of battery, especially during your leisure hours. Let’s get this down. These are the top 10 tips and there are great.

    a. Turn on Low Power Mode

    Anything you are doing, this is the first and best option to go for at first! Turning on your low power mode, you are saving more than 5 – 10% of your battery, brighter screen always consumes the battery like a recession.

    iphone low battery option

    To do that, you’ll find the toggle to turn it on in Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. The feature temporarily turns off or reduces mail fetch, Siri functions, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects until you fully charge your iPhone.

    b. Switch Push Email to Fetch

    Another amazing tip is switching from “Push Email” to “Fetch” It is one of the best options to go for at first. To do this, Go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and switch from Push to either Fetch or Manual.

    push email to fetch

    Using Fetch, you can set an interval, such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on, for your iPhone to check for new emails. The longer you make the interval, the less battery you’ll be using. With Manual, it will only check for new emails when you open the app.

    c. Turn Off 4G LTE Connection

    When you are looking for a way to lower or manage your iPhone battery, you have to successfully “Turn off your 4G LTE Connection” with this, your battery life span will go a long way.

    turn off 4g lte on iphone

    If you’re running low on power and the fastest Internet speeds aren’t a priority at the moment, disable 4G on your iPhone. To do this go to Settings > Cellular > Voice & Data and select 3G.

    d. Turn Off Brightness

    Yes, turning off the brightness of your iPhone has always maintained the longevity of the battery life of the Apple iPhone and it also makes the charging goes too faster.

    Turn Off Brightness

    To do this; go to Settings > Wallpaper & Brightness and turn Auto-Brightness OFF. Then, set your brightness to the lowest setting that still looks readable.

    A brighter display consumes more battery. The screen drains the battery faster than anything else and the brighter it is, the faster it drains. Whenever your battery is minimum, you should first turn the brightness off.

    e. Turn Off App Location Services

    Switching OFF this App location service always boasts the span life of your iPhone battery faster than you think. Trust me, it drains the battery faster.

    Location Services allows apps to know where you are based on your GPS or Wi-Fi triangulation. This is handy for several apps, but it drains battery power.

    App Location Services

    To do this, firstly, you have to go to; Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off any app you don’t feel needs to be tracking you.

    Others Include

    f. Airplane Mode;- When you don’t have to use a data connection anymore, or GPS for location and no more calls to make, then it would be better to switch the Airplane Mode ON.

    g. Turn “Hey Siri” Off;- Siri is always working in the background as a default on iOS. She’s just sat there waiting for you to speak to her, meaning she’s always using up a little bit of battery in the background.

    Got Settings > General > Siri and then toggle the switch to OFF (white) next to Allow “Hey Siri”. Now you can’t call out to her to get into Siri but you can still do it with the home button.

    h. Turn off Bluetooth; Bluetooth doesn’t need to be on unless you are using it. Bring up the Control Center and toggle it off until you need it.

    To quickly switch Bluetooth off simply swipe up from the bottom of any screen in iOS. This will bring up the Control Center. Tap the Bluetooth button so it turns black. This disables Bluetooth.

    i. Turn off iCloud;- Do you know that automatically backing up to iCloud can drain your battery? It’s a useful feature for backing up precious photos, but there might be a few things being backed up that you don’t care about or need. Take a look in Settings > iCloud and toggle off anything you don’t want.

    j. Turn Down Volume;- You might say, this doesn’t affect anything but it does a great deal to your iPhone battery. Just go to Settings > Music, you can also set a volume limit and turn the EQ off to save even more power.

    The above tips are a few tricks and tweaks on how to improve and manage your iPhone battery life span and make it longer than you have ever imagined.

    Although they are many other tips these are quick battery solutions and they are working exclusively perfectly. The above tips also contain some Charging tips in-between lines.

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