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Apart from Alibaba Market, Here’s CEO Jack Ma Short Action Movie!

    Will you sit and watch the Short Action Movie from the CEO of Alibaba and many others enterprises? This is JACK MA TAI CHI FILM, produced by Jet Li.

    It is a short movie titled Gong Shou Dao. Jack Ma is unbeaten in the film. Since the Short Video has been uploaded, it has over 106 million views and some 11,000 comments.

    And as expected, most of the comments from viewers are praising his acting skills. Me, viewing it, is so so good!

    According to Alibaba, Jet Li produced the movie, and none of the actors in “Gongshoudao” took a paycheck for their roles in the movie.

    The tycoon, a big fan of Tai Chi, said he aimed to promote Kung Fu culture. The star-studded Kung Fu comedy is produced by Mr Ma’s company, Alibaba Group, and is being streamed online and released in cinemas in major Chinese cities.

    The 22-minute production gathers a team of martial arts A-listers from Asia, all of whom are apparently beaten in the film by Master Ma during one-on-one fights.

    Among them are Jet Li, Beijing-born Kung Fu champion and Hollywood star, as well as Donnie Yen, who portrayed Wing Chun master Ip Man in namesake films.

    An eight-minute trailer of the film was screened at a TV gala held by Alibaba on November 10 in Shanghai.

    Jack Ma who used to be an English teacher before starting the world’s largest e-commerce group is said to be a big fan of Tai Chi.

    The self-made tycoon is said to be have practised Tai Chi for more than three decades and is currently a disciple of Chinese Tai Chi master Wang Xi’an.