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JAMB CAPs – How to accept/reject Admission status and transfer approval

    In this article today, we will provide an intensive understanding of how JAMB caps work, and how to use it to check your admission status, accept or reject your Admission on CAPS first.

    The two major use and function of JAMB caps login are to allow candidates to check their admission status, either accept admission or reject admission on the CAPs.

    Alright, you have successfully understood the meaning, and use of JAMB caps admission status. Let’s start with how you can easily access the portal and take advantage of it.

    What is JAMB CAPS Portal all about?

    The JAMB CAPs is a service portal that allows the candidate to easily access their admission status. JAMB introduced the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) to make the admission process way more transparent and easy.

    The Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) portal does not only provide access for JAMB UTME alone but also for Direct Entry (DE) students too.

    All candidates who are seeking admission into Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Other tertiary institutions in Nigeria MUST visit CAPS portal to check their admission status, where they can accept or reject it.

    That means all admission would be done online through the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS). Be it University, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education or whatsoever.


    What can be done on JAMB CAPs

    You can be able to check and do the following on your JAMB CAPs:

    1. My Profile
    2. My O’Level
    3. Admission Status
    4. Marketplace
    5. Transfer Approval for change of courses and institution

    How to access JAMB Caps (Create JAMB e-facility account)

    In order for you to easily access the caps on the JAMB website, you must first create your JAMB e-facility account. To create your JAMB e-facility account, which is quite easy and simple:

    1. Go to JAMB e-facility and click on Create account.

    2. Complete the registration process, which includes your details such as:
    a. Phone number
    b. Email address
    c. Secret question answer and confirm secret question answer

    3. Log on to your email account and confirm your email address.

    4. Then enter your personal details, such as Names, number, state of origin

    5. Now proceed to login. That is it.

    How to accept or reject Admission status on JAMB CAPS

    Now that you have successfully created your JAMB e-facility account, you now have full access to your JAMB CAPs. Here is how to check JAMB caps to either accept or reject your admission.

    Please, it is advisable to note that once you accept the admission, you will no longer be available for other schools’ admission consideration.

    This directly means that once you reject the admission, you will become available to other schools for admission consideration into their session.

    1. Log into your JAMB e-facility account portal with your email address and password

    jamb caps login

    2. Welcome to the JAMB e-facility dashboard.

    3. Now, scroll down to “Check Admission Status” and click on it.

    jamb caps login1

    4. You are now at the “Admission Status” portal or service center.

    5. Now select the current examination year.

    jamb caps login2

    6. Enter your JAMB registration number.

    7. Tick on the Refresh from CAPs

    8. Then tick on “Access my CAPs

    9. You are now in the Central Admissions Processing System, CAPS portal

    10. Click on Admission Status

    jamb caps login3

    11. Now, if you have been offered admission the Accept Admission and Reject Admission buttons will be active.

    How to Accept or Reject Program / Course Transfer Consideration on JAMB CAPS

    1. Log on the JAMB e-facility dashboard

    2. Scroll down to the Check Admission Status

    3. Select the examination year

    4. Enter your JAMB registration number

    5. Tick the Refresh from CAPS

    6. Then, click on Access my CAPs

    7. Go to Transfer Approval by the left side

    8. There and then, you can now ‘Accept‘ or ‘Reject‘ button to accept/reject the course transfer.

    The method is completely universal on both Laptops, PC, Computers, Mobile Smartphones that have access to the internet. It is completely up to you, how you want it to go and everything.

    Actually, there is no new development on JAMB caps news, as the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has been using the CAPs accept admission for quite a time.

    You can’t be able to reset JAMB caps password, as it has to do with your e-facility account. This is all about JAMB caps admission status, to either accept or reject admission from your school of choice.