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How to download Jio Group Talk Conference Calling apk app on Android

    The Jio Group Talk Conference Calling App has been unveiled for Android Smartphone, and you can learn how to download the Jio Group Talk apk app right now.

    With the new Jio Group Talk Conference Calling App, users can call up to ten people simultaneously, only audio calls live. And it comes with with features like lecture mode, mute participants etc.

    It is worthy to note that the new Jio app is currently in trial-mode, and a commercial version for the public will soon be made available.

    What is Jio Group Talk App

    Reliance Jio, the Reliance Industries owned 4G-only telco, introduced a new app, known as Jio Group Talk apk app on Google Play Store.

    The newly introduced Jio Group Talk apps allows users to make group conference calls over VoLTE. And it is only available for Jio subscribers.

    It comes with features like lecture mode where you can mute other users and have them listen to you. And it supports HD voice calling feature.


    Jio Group Talk APP Features

    Below contains the benefits, features that includes some actual reason why you should download, install and use the Jio Group Talk on your Smartphone.

    First of all, you should understand that it is a one Touch Multi-Party Calling application, and it is exclusively for Jio Users.

    Another major reason why you should use the Jio Group Talk app, is to have Multi Party call with your friends, team members, relatives, society members etc.

    Simple Interface

    Create and Manage group conference calls for up to 10 members
    No need to add users one by one. Select multiple contacts in one Go

    High Quality Voice

    HD Calling support to enable high quality HD Conference calls

    Real time Conference Set up

    Send conference invitation to all selected participants in one click and manage them during conference

    Manage Conference

    Add/Remove participants
    Mute participants selectively
    Lecture Mode – One member speaks and others listen

    During the official launch, Jio Group Talk app only features voice calling, but video calling and chatting features should be available soon, TelecomTalk reports.

    How to download Jio Group Talk App

    For now, users can only download the Jio Group Talk app on their Android Smartphone, as there is no iOS support edition of it.

    To get started, you must have a Jio SIM, and then you can visit Google Play Store HERE. Then install the application on your Android device.

    After downloading and installation, users will be required to sign in using their Jio number and enter an OTP that is sent for verification.

    After the installation, and registration process are complete, then users can be able to use the app. Ensure that your Jio SIM is active, and the SMS and calling facility is turned on.

    Anyways, if it is a Jio SIM, then the device should support VoLTE. That is an advantage over other SIM network provider in the country.

    With the Jio Group Talk app available on your Android powered Smartphone, the caller can add or remove participants from the conference call, mute participants, and they reconnect them also.