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Jio feature phone users, you can now download Whatsapp and Youtube apps

    Before the official launch of the next mobile feature phone, the Jio 2. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced the arrival of WhatsApp and YouTube at its 41st Annual General Meeting (AGM) last month. Jio phones supports whatsapp and youtube.

    Starting from tomorrow, Jio mobile phones users will be able to download Youtube app and Whatsapp from Jio App Store. Faithfully, Jio holds the biggest market share in India Feature phones business. Jio phones supports whatsapp and youtube.

    And to keep the journey going forward, Jio users will be able to Whatsapp with their phone and also watch youtube videos, starting from tomorrow. But Whatsapp will be rolling out to users batches by batches, it won’t be generally available like Youtube app.

    With Whatsapp coming to Jio phones, the messenger / chatting app will gain much more followers in the country. After all, Whatsapp biggest and largest market is in India, and with the help of Jio, Whatsapp will increase incredible in its own highest market share.

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    What’s the Joy of having Whatsapp on Feature Phone?

    This is not the first time big apps will be featuring on Jio phones, there is dedicated Google Assistance software, Google maps and a specially dedicated Facebook app for smart feature phone that runs KaiOS.

    “The three most popular apps YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook will be available to all the Jio Phone users from 15th August,” Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said while addressing the AGM last month.

    And they promised that the both apps will run almost the same with Android OS. There will be no offline videos for Youtube, no voice or video calls and no payments using the WhatsApp app. This are essential limitations.

    These are few essential features that will propel Jio users to get a Android device or iOS Apple iPhones. Anyways, having Whatsapp and Youtube on Jio Feature phones, with buttons running on KiaOS is definitely an interesting experience.