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Jumia 2016 Black Friday has Begun! From 14th to 25th of Nov.

    Finally the Jumia 2016 Black Friday is Here… Remember, it is a 12day Shopping, all just for you. If you are in Need of a Laptop, Desktop, Android Smartphone, Tablets, Electronics, House Utensils, Table, Sounding and Recording instruments etc. This is the right time to get that!

    Everything would be Sold out within some few Hours!!! You would get your goods immediately after shopping. Some goods are going for 40%, others at 50% and more over to about 90%.

    It all depends on which type of products you are looking for. But please be careful, take control of your eyes before close than JUMIA Nigeria!

    Last Year Jumia 2015 Black Friday was way too interesting, a lot of people got their products mailed to their door steps within few weeks from the order date. Meanwhile, if you are in a lagos, be very well informed that you will get the ordered products/goods before 24hours, if not 4-8hours.

    How Jumia 2016 Black Friday Looks Like

    *. On November 14th; Which is the starting date, they would be giving 25% OFF to Upgrade your Home.

    *. On November 15th; Kitchen Essentials, Upto 45% OFF

    *. On November 16th; Father and Son, Upto 50% OFF

    *. On November 17th; Mother and Daughter, Upto 50% OFF

    *. On November 18th; Explore New Horizon, Upto 30% OFF

    *. On November 19th; Toddler’s Treat, Upto 55% OFF

    *. On November 20th; Enhance Your Phones

    *. On November 21th; Entertain Yourself, Upto 30%

    *. On November 22nd; Upgrade Your Phones, Upto 20% OFF

    *. On November 23rd; Upgrade Your PC, Upto 20% OFF

    *. On November 24th; Treat Yourself, Upto 30% OFF

    *. On November 25th; Last Deals Unlocked

    In Image View;

    Are you prepared? THEN START SHOPPING! Remember to BUY few and leave the rest for others.