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How to keep your Twitter account secured and safe

    Twitter is currently under serious bug attack that exposes the passwords of users in plain text but thanks to their serious security online service maintenance, they found out the bug within some stipulated period of time and at the same time, fixed it too. But that doesn’t mean, you need to just change your password, there is other method to keep your account safe and secured.

    Twitter has assured its users that the bug won’t repeat itself anymore, as they have undergo several different methods to contain the bug and ensure, it will never return to Twitter anymore, apart from the insurance, Twitter failed to reveal if the bug has affected any user.

    Below is the step by step guide on how to keep your Twitter account safe and secured from internet malware, techy guys out there with evil intention of breaking into people’s account. The first method is by ‘Password’ while the other is ‘Two-factor authentication’

    how to keep twitter account safe

    Using Password: Keep your Twitter account safe

    Changing your password is definitely one of the best method to keep your account safe but using only passwords isn’t safe at all, as it may fail at its function. We will list out the two platform of using of Twitter; Web and Mobile app.

    *. On the Web
    – Go to
    – Click your profile image in the upper right
    – Settings and privacy
    – Select Password in the list running down the left side
    – Enter your existing twitter password and then your new one (Must be strong and unique)

    *. Using Mobile app
    – Log in using your Mobile app
    – Tap your profile photo at the upper left
    – Select Settings and privacy
    – Then Account
    – Then Change password

    It is advisable to make use of strong, unique password. And ensure that you never repeat them between multiple services, apps, and online accounts or any other place in the web.

    Two-factor authentication: Keep your Twitter account safe

    The Two-factor authentication, which Twitter calls login verification is among the top best method Social media website uses to keep the account of their users secured, ensured and safe from bad guys out there.

    Anyway, to enable the login verification on Twitter, you have to follow some few important short steps guidelines. After enabling this authentication, Twitter will send a code to your mobile phone number as an SMS whenever a new device attempts signing into your account with the correct password.

    But bear it in mind that, using SMS as medium to receive the confirmation is still under watch and isn’t that secure, the best opinion here is using Authy, 1Password, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, they are third-party apps, specially meant for that (code generators). You can download all for iOS and Android except 1Password.

    twitter 24/7

    Setting up Twitter Login Verification via SMS (phone number)

    *. Firstly, click your profile icon, then click Settings and privacy
    *. Now click on your Account settings and click Set up login verification
    *. Ensure, you read the overview instructions, then click Start
    *. Now, enter your password and click Verify
    *. Click Send code to add your phone number (if there is a phone number associated with your account, Twitter will send you an SMS to confirm your number)
    *. Enter the verification code sent to your device, then click Submit
    Automatically, the Login verification on Twitter is enabled.

    Want to use third-party app to generate login codes?

    Apart from using phone numbers, the best method is generating login codes via third-party app. Here is the step-by-steps guide on how to generate the codes;

    Note that; if you had already enabled your account to receive the login code by SMS, then you need to change the settings from SMS (phone number) which is the default to Security app. To do that;

    *. Click your profile icon, then click Settings and privacy.
    *. Click Account, then click Security.
    *. The Text message option will be on by default. Click Edit to no longer receive codes via text message. If the Security app selection is currently disabled, you’ll be prompted to enable it.

    Now continue the below instructions to use the Login Verification (Two-factor authentication);

    Setting up Twitter Login Verification via Mobile security app

    *. Click your profile icon, then click Settings and privacy.
    *. Click on the Account tab.
    *. Under Security and next to Login verification, click the Review your login verification methods button to get started.
    *. Enter your password and click Confirm.
    *. From the selections, click Set up next to Mobile security app.
    *. Read the instructions and then click Start.
    *. If you’re asked to verify your password, enter it and click Verify.
    *. You will see a pop-up window displaying a QR code. Follow the instructions listed.
    *. To set up the third-party authenticator app, you will need to scan the QR code. You will then see a 6-digit numeric security code. The code changes every 30 seconds.
    *. Enter this code in the Security code text field in the pop-up window, then Click Done.

    Congratulations, your Twitter account is now safe and secured. Always ensure that your account is always up to date.