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Kwesé TV Decoder Price – Where to buy Kwesé TV Decoder in Nigeria?

    Kwesé TV is a brand of Econet Media Limited, the media arm of Econet, one of Africa’s leading Telecoms, Media and Technology groups. Kwesé TV is a Satellite Pay-TV subscription packages service that have a strong presence in Africa, Nigeria. The Kwesé TV decided to expand their audience and service to over 198million citizen in Nigeria.

    The company didn’t just expand their service in Nigeria, they also made available the complete guide on how to get the Kwesé TV decoder in Nigeria. They listed out the Kwesé TV stores addresses, Kwesé TV dealers and their contact numbers.

    But how much is Kwesé TV decoder? Getting a decoder for any Satellite Pay-TV is the most important step to take and yes, Kwesé TV decoder is available in Nigeria, but what is the costs of Kwesé TV decoder and dish?

    Kwesé TV box decoder

    Kwesé TV Decoder Price in Nigeria

    To set up the Kwesé TV, you need the decoder and the dish. Purchasing a Kwesé TV decoder and dish in Nigeria is around $50, including an engineer for installation, which can be bought from their online store. But how much is the Kwesé TV decoder in Nigeria?

    But buying the Kwesé TV decoder here in Nigeria is around N5,740, is the standard price, while others are selling it around N8,000.

    If you really don’t want that, you can go for the Starter’s Pack, mainly for new customers, and the Kwesé TV Starter’s Pack is priced at N10,960, and as Kwesé Introductory Offer, it comes with Kwesé TV Decoder, Kwesé TV Satellite Dish, and yes, you have the Kwesé TV Standard Free installation.

    Not just that, Kwesé TV is looking forward to make the Satellite Pay-TV competition is a stronger one, so they are also offering new customers One Month, which is 30 days, Free Kwesé TV full entertainment and sports bouquet.

    The Kwesé TV Decoder is a Dolby Digital compatible, high definition (HD) viewing decoder with remote. It is very simple for you to navigate through our bouquet of channels. And you can set reminders for your favorite shows and there’s parental control.

    Where to Buy Kwesé TV Decoder in Nigeria?

    You might be wondering, where can you get the Kwesé TV decoder in Nigeria, Kwesé TV dish in Nigeria or Kwesé TV decoder and dish in Nigeria.

    Right now, there are a lot of Kwesé TV dealers in Nigeria, but you can get the Kwesé TV decoder in Nigeria via Online stores and offline stores (via dealer), and they are a lot of Kwesé TV stores and branches in Nigeria.

    You can purchase any of the Kwese TV packages in Nigeria, Kwese TV decoder and Kwese TV dish, from the company official online stores, but I will also inform you that Jumia Nigeria is selling the Kwesé TV packages for a cheaper price.