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How to Download Lucky Patcher iOS, PC, Android and iPhone without Jailbreak

    If you are a gamer or app enthusiastic, and you want to enjoy all the benefits of a particular game, then this Lucky Patcher app will help foster your ambition.

    Thankfully, the Lucky Patcher app is available for all users, there is Lucky Patcher for Android, iOS, PC, and any other internet-enabled device.

    Lucky Patcher is a must-have app for all gamer’s houses, with this app, you can easily modify every setting, tweak to your taste and perform other responsibilities.

    If you have any idea about the app, then you can begin the download immediately. While for those that don’t know, let’s learn what the Lucky Patcher app is all about.

    Lucky Patcher is light weighted, increased compatibility for most devices, and uses fewer device resources, and it has better and improved functionality.

    What is Lucky Patcher App?

    With the Lucky Patcher app, as a gamer, you can easily remove annoying ads from the different apps, modify apps, remove systems app, bypass license verification, and more.

    Of course, one of the major importance of the app is the need to remove ads from your games. Advertising is quite irritating, and it disturbs a lot.

    With the Lucky Patcher app, you can remove ads that there are quite annoying and intrusive. To get started, you must learn how to download the app on your device.

    Another important feature of downloading the application, it allows you to avoid the limited trial day, and also the renewal price amount.

    With this app, you can make the trial day lengthy than the average day. Lucky Patcher is a one-stop point for all your games.

    lucky patcher ios

    Lucky Patcher iOS iPhone Download

    Unfortunately, Lucky Patcher is available for download on the official iTunes, which is the app store for Apple devices, such as iPhone, and iPad.

    But don’t worry, let your mind be optimistic, because we have provided a medium, where you can easily download the Lucky Patcher iOS for your device.

    If you are interested, here is the step by steps guide on how to download Lucky Patcher iOS iPhone. To get started you must follow the below procedures:

    *. Download the iPadian app on your iOS device.

    *. Install the iPadian app as a third-party app.

    *. Launch the iPadian app on your iOS device.

    *. Search for “Lucky Patcher apk” in the search box.

    *. Click and download the Lucky patcher app icon

    *. Now click on the install button.

    *. You are done.

    – iPadian is also an app store for iOS which lets you download these types of apps.

    With the above steps, you can now easily install the Lucky Patcher iOS successfully.

    Lucky Patcher Android v7.6.0 Download

    Getting the Lucky Patcher .apk file for your Android Smartphone isn’t as hard as getting it for iOS or iPhone devices.

    But like iPhone or any other iOS device, it is not also available on Google Playstore, but we have everything settled and under-minded.

    Rooting your Android phones to use the Lucky Patcher app is a myth, and must be thoroughly avoided. The Lucky Patcher app doesn’t require rooting to work perfectly.

    This is the Lucky Patcher Official app for your Android and iOS device. It is also the Lucky Patcher Original latest version app, you can do almost everything!

    *. To begin downloading, you must enable the installation from the unknown sources by going to the settings > security and tapping on the Unknown sources checkbox.

    *. Visit the below link to download the Apk of Lucky Patcher.

    *. Now select “Install”.

    *. After the installation, you will notice the icon of the app.

    However, a notification in the notification bar will also appear. This is to inform you that the app has been successfully installed.

    If the above link is not working, then you can easily download the Lucky Patcher v7.6.0 for your Android phone by clicking on the below link:

    Once it is installed in your system it will show you all the apps and games present on your phone. You don’t have to start adding apps or games to the root app.

    Lucky Patcher for PC Download

    If there is an application for Android and iOS, then there must be a way to integrate it and make it work for the PC / Windows version.

    Here is how to download Lucky Patcher for PC, all you need is the latest Android emulator on your PC or desktop. Follow the below procedures to get started.

    *. Download and open Bluestacks

    *. Click on Search Bar, located on the top left.

    *. Now search for “Lucky Patcher” in the search bar)

    *. Select and Install the Lucky Patcher for PC

    *. After a successful download, it will automatically install on your PC

    *. Go to your Bluestacks Downloaded Apps Menu.

    *. Launch and open the Lucky Patcher app

    *. You are done. Enjoy.

    – Bluestacks: A dignified and original Android emulator for PC.

    Games that works Lucky Patcher

    Below are games that are compatible with Lucky Patcher. They include:

    1. Hungry Shark Evolution

    2. Smash Cops Heat

    3. Deadly Fight: Fighting Game

    4. Monster Defender

    5. Bloons TD Battles

    6. Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

    7. Stunt Car Racing – Multiplayer

    8. Zombie Squad

    9. Age of Wind 3

    10. Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer

    11. Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

    12. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense

    13. Just Shout

    14. Zombie Highway 2

    15. Stick War: Legacy

    16. Townsmen

    17. Can Knockdown 3

    18. Tank On 2 – Jeep Hunter

    19. Chhota Beheem: The Hero

    20. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    21. Dictator 2

    22. ROBOTS

    23. Brothers: Clash of Fighters

    23. Farm Away! – Idle Farming

    24. Unfinished Mission

    25. The Factory

    26. Bio Inc. – Biomedical Game

    27. Mad Day – Truck Distance Game

    28. Watch Out Zombies

    29. Fruit Ninja Free

    30. Gun Strike 2

    31. Build Away! Idle City Builder

    32. Invention City

    33. Cricket Hungama 2016

    34. Zombie’s Got a Pogo

    35. Swamp Attack

    36. Bee Brilliant

    37. Zombie Catchers

    38. Watch Out Zombies!

    39. Hunger Games: Panem Run

    Lucky Patcher Alternatives

    If you have tried the Lucky Patcher app, and you are tired or not receiving the expected quality or expectations, then you can try the below alternatives:

    *. Freedom

    *. AppSara

    *. iAP Cracker

    *. iAP Free

    *. IAPCrazy

    *. GAMECIH

    Lucky Patcher Latest and Former Version

    – Latest Version: v7.6.0

    – Another version: v7.5.9

    – Another version: v7.5.8

    – Another version: v7.5.7

    – Another version: v7.5.6

    – Another version: v7.5.5

    – Other versions: v7.5.4

    – Other versions: v7.5.3

    – Other versions: v7.5.2

    – Other versions: v7.5.1

    – Other versions: v7.5.0

    Features of Lucky Patcher app

    Sincerely, there is a wide range of features and benefits of using the Lucky Patcher app on Android, iOS, iPhone, and PC devices and they include:

    Unlimited coins and gems

    Like it or not, this app can give you unlimited coins and gems. When you play intensive games and you need so many coins, then this is the right apps.

    At times, during some gameplay, coins might be needed for the next level and the Lucky Patcher will help a lot. It works like magic, fast and efficient.

    Removes Annoying ads

    With the help of this app, you can remove those annoying apps which keep on appearing. The Google ads can be easily disabled by just clicking on one button.

    And it is the only app that has this feature other ad blocker apps only blocks ads, but this app additionally does some more things.

    Use paid apps without paying

    Using paid apps without paying a dime is just the basic objective of the Lucky Patcher. It lets you use paid apps for free, and it works fine for every app.

    With Lucky Patcher, you can easily avoid license verification, it comes with custom patches that help foster this process to a different positive dimension.

    Customized Phone’s UI

    With the Lucky Patcher, you can easily change the UI of your mobile phone, and customize the launchers of your iOS device to your test.

    Not only this but also if you want to give extra permissions to your apps then with the help of Lucky Patcher iOS you can also give additional permissions.

    Convert app to system app

    Another important feature of the Lucky Patcher app is the ability to allow you to convert any application to a system application.

    This is one feature that is not available to the regular Android Smartphone. After all, Android is open-source software for everyone.

    This is important if you want to keep apps permanently on your phone, it works quickly and doesn’t even flinch a little bit

    Allow in-app purchases

    This is one of the best app features, where you can easily stop the license verification and complete all in-app purchases.

    It allows you to use paid apps for free, but what about in-app purchases? Lucky Patcher also works perfectly for that.

    Can move apps from phone to SD card

    With the help of Lucky Patcher, users can easily move apps from mobile phone storage to their SD card. This is helpful when your phone storage is filled up.

    Most times, we find it hard and like hell to move apps from phone storage to micro SDcard external storage. But Lucky Patcher is here to sort that out.

    Back-up your file

    From now to then, backup is always important. With Lucky Patcher, you can easily backup your important essential files without any trouble.

    You can get the backup of your installed app in your device memory. It also allows you to remove all the unwanted permission of apps on your phone.

    And you can load all your installed apps on your phone. Anyways, the application is definitely among the best right now.

    download lucky patcher

    Lucky Patcher App Colors and Meanings

    Have you downloaded the Lucky Patcher application? have you noticed those colors of different apps? Do you understand every single one of them?

    If yes, then you can move over to the next topic. But if NO, then go ahead, read and understand the below app colors and meaning:

    *. Green: All android apps which are shown in Green Color can be registered/disconnected from Google Play Store easily.

    *. Blue: All apps installed in your android phone which has Google ads will be shown in Blue Color. It also shows that in those apps Remove Ads exploit will work.

    *. Yellow: These are all of those popular apps for which specific exploits are made like for the Play Store there is an exclusive exploit available in Lucky Patcher.

    *. Purple: All system apps (pre-installed apps) which run when your phone boots are highlighted in Purple color.

    *. Orange: All system apps are highlighted in Orange color.

    *. Red: A danger of sign here too. All apps which are highlighted in Red color can’t be modified using Lucky Patcher.

    How to complete Lucky Patcher in-app purchase

    It is easy, smart, and fast. One of the best features of this app, is to easily avoid in-app purchases, and here are two different guidelines on how to bypass that:

    First Procedure

    *. Launch Lucky Patcher

    *. Go to Toolbox Menu

    *. Tap on ‘Patch on Android’

    *. Tick all the boxes of the displayed batches

    *. Allow your phone to reboot

    *. Minimize the app

    *. Go to the app or game you want to purchase

    *. Click on the in-app purchase, and tap on buy

    *. After clicking on it, you will get this response “do you want to get this item for free?”

    *. Tap on the “YES” or “Send reply” button and you are done.

    Second Procedure

    *. Launch the Lucky Patcher app

    *. When the app is launched

    *. Minimize it by clicking on the main menu button or tasks menu button

    *. Launch app where you what to do inside app premium purchases

    *. Now, click on the option of premium and proceed to purchase

    *. Once you try to proceed a message will pop up as “Do you want to try this app for free?”,

    *. Click on the “Yes” or “Send reply” option

    You are done. Congratulation, you have successfully purchased the premium in-app purchase.

    How To Change App Permissions

    *. Select the permission for disable (Red)

    *. Select the permission for enabling (Green)

    *. Must you have to Apply (Reboot)

    How to convert User Apps into System Apps

    *. Install and run the app

    *. You’ll see the list of all your apps

    *. Choose the particular app you wish to convert

    *. In the drop-down option, choose the option of “Tools”

    *. Locate the option Move to /System/App then click on it

    *. Wait for a few secs/mins and the app will be moved to system apps automatically.

    How to create backups of Android apps?

    *. Go to the Lucky Patcher app

    *. Select the app backup
    – This is the app, you want to have on your device storage

    *. Click on the app and drops down options will appear

    *. Select the “Clone the application” option

    *. After a while, an apk file for that application will come up

    That is it, you can now keep the backup of any app from your phone using the Lucky Patcher app.

    How to Uninstall System Apps via Lucky Patcher

    *. Download / Install and run Lucky Patcher file

    *. It will ask for root permission, click on grant/ allow tap

    *. Now You can see your all apps on their main page.

    *. Select an application, which you want to remove from your android.

    *. It will show you a pop-up window, click on “YES”

    *. That is it!

    How to remove ads with Lucky Patcher

    *. Select the app/software and always select please “Remove Google Ads” option into the app.

    *. Select “Patch to remove Google Ads”.

    *. Run the app.

    *. If the ads are still there, select “Disable Ads Activities”

    *. It will find ads activities and give you the option to disable them

    You can easily return to your previous state or you want to undo the change please select “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.

    How to Remove License Verification?

    With this, you can easily remove license verification from any apps on your device. Just follow the below settings to complete this:

    *. Go to the homepage of the Lucky Patcher app

    *. Select the app you want to remove the license verification

    *. From the drop-down menu, select the “Open Menu of Patches” option

    *. Select the “Apk without License Verification”

    *. Lucky Patcher will produce the modified.

    *. Uninstall the app that is installed and install the modified the apk that you got from the Lucky Patcher app.

    *. You are done.

    Lucky Patcher is one of the best applications for Android smartphones, it allows you to easily have complete control over your phone.

    Where you can easily avoid in-app purchases, get unlimited free gems, money, and coins, remove annoying ads from the apps, remove license verification, create backups of Android apps, and much more than your expectations.