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What! Man Changed his Name to iPhone 7 to get a free iPhone 7

    What! Anytime this kind of news is waving around in Nigeria, the song that comes immediately is “Is it funny, no it is not funny” Can you do this?

    After the launching of the Apple iPhone 7, some fans are still going crazy and so much in need concerning the phone. Meanwhile, most of them has already purchased it, others has added it to their Wants List and others are just waiting for 2016 Black Friday.

    After an electronic outlet in Ukraine offered to give free iPhone7 to anyone willing to change their legal name to iPhone 7, a 20 year old, Olexander Turin who was up to the challenge literally changed his name to iPhone Sim (Seven) on his passport to receive the new apple phone.

    And for the rest, they are just retarded and tired because the almost N450k Phone couldn’t just be purchased by everyone. Well, let me show you the man who did that;


    Although, after receiving the converted price on Friday, iPhone Sim also hinted at changing it back to his original name, Olexander Turin, when he starts having children.

    This amazing sha! All just because of Apple iPhone 7!