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Mark of Facebook killed a “goat” during dinner – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

    Social media giant, Facebook CEO, and one of the world richest men alive on planet earth, Mark Zuckerberg, killed a goat with stun gun.

    Well, he didn’t just kill any goat for fun or whatever, but he did serve it as dinner for Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Who officially revealed the incident during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

    The incident was brought up by Rolling Stone Magazine, during Jack interview with them. He was asked about his ‘most memorable experience’ with Facebook’s founder.

    Jack Dorsey also confirmed that he didn’t eat the meat because it was cold, and he also said that Zuckerberg only ate what we killed for about a year.

    “I don’t know of another person on the planet who’s leading us off the planet because of the damage that we’re inflicting to this planet.” This was Jack reply, when Rolling Stone magazine asked about how he thought of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

    Mark of Facebook

    In 2011, it was reported that Mark will only eat animals that he kills himself. Well, Jack said that Mark killed the goat before dinner, this was when he was asked how Zuckerberg arranged the whole thing.

    He went ahead and said that, Mark might have used a laser gun and a knife, and then sent it to the butcher. But Dorsey said he stun the animal and then kill it with a knife.

    Anyways, Jack didn’t eat the meat when it was put down by Zuckerberg, because it was cold, but it was his memorable day. After all, he said he just ate his salad.

    When Rolling Stone asked Dorsey if he was the CEO of Facebook and how he’d like to do things differently. Dorsey replied to it with, “No, I’ve got enough on my plate.” This is just the tip of social media replies, and many others.