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Microsoft unveils News app on Android and iOS

    A serious take on Google news and Apple News but the dark mode is bae!

    Microsoft announces their Microsoft News apps and it is available to both iOS and Android platform. That means, there will be no MSN on these platform but it doesn’t mean that will no longer exist. is also a brand of Microsoft news app, that display news from all works of life, gather it and present it to their users. Microsoft launched the since 1995.

    Don’t find it surprisingly but Microsoft is taking on both Google and Apple with the new News app. The Microsoft news app uses both the efforts of human editors and artificial intelligence to bring interesting news to the platform.

    Microsoft news app

    To ensure that the app is a success, Microsoft uses AI to scan more than 100,000 pieces of content every day and uses more than 800 editors worldwide to bring in top stories from the current presence.

    The newly designed Microsoft News app features a dark theme for reading at night and that allows for a continuous scrolling with iOS and Android widgets

    “Microsoft News is the new name for our news engine that powers familiar sites like, and our newly redesigned Microsoft News app for iOS and Android,” explains Rob Bennett, editor-in-chief of Microsoft News. “Microsoft News also powers news on Microsoft Edge, the News app in Windows 10, Skype, Xbox and”