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Microsoft launches Skype Lite for low connectivity areas – For Indians Only

    Skype helps you to stay in touch with family and friends for free. You will also get international calling, free online calls and Skype for Business on desktop and mobile.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella launched Skype Lite on Wednesday. However, the Skype Lite is especially made for Indians. The Video calling Skype lite comes loaded with features meant for low-end smartphones.

    The app, which has been developed at the tech giant”s Hyderabad R&D centre, consumes low data and will allow Aadhaar verification in the time to come.

    The new app takes up just 13MB of space and will support nine regional languages, as well as chatbots for connected services. It also lets you read and reply to SMS messages, and includes a tool to help you track your mobile data usage.

    skype lite launching

    The Skype Lite is designed for India with new and integrated features, such as support for SMS, native phone contacts and calls, data usage tracking, India focused Skype bots to help our users be more productive, in addition to many FREE Skype features you already know and love!

    Skype Lite is available in seven local languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu.

    Things you can do with Skype Lite now:

    ● Chat with your friends and family via Skype or SMS
    ● Manage your SMS better by unselecting promotional messages
    ● Reduce data consumption by choosing economical calling when making Skype calls
    ● Know your data usage in the app any time
    ● Free voice calls or video calls with anyone on Skype
    ● Share photos, emoticons, and files
    ● Explore the world of Skype bots

    If you have any Low-end-smartphone that has been cutting off your data when using Skype, it is really time for Skype Lite. Download Now for Android apk devices from Google Playstore Here.

    “Although, 4G penetration has increased in India, network speeds still drop to 2G and 3G levels often. Skype Lite will be beneficial for users in areas with low data connectivity,” said Eugene Ho, Director, Product Management, Skype.

    And NO! that doesn’t mean high-end smartphones users can’t use the app. Skype Lite switches to HD calling when connected to high-speed WiFi networks.

    skype lite at india

    It also packs in a feature to compress photographs to help reduce data consumption. The compression feature also lowers call quality according to the data speeds available.

    How Does it Work

    Firstly, both parties will have to first, log on Skype Lite video call, and the interviewer requests Aadhaar verification. The interviewee enters their 12-digit ID, as well as an OTP sent to the phone number linked to her account.

    Then tThe recruiter is then shown the verified ID information and can proceed with the interview. Once the call is concluded, all verification data is wiped from their device.