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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 announced with Surface Earbuds

    During the Microsoft Surface lineup expansion, the company also announced the Surface Headphones 2 with 20 hours of battery life and $199 Surface Earbuds with all-day battery life.

    Both Surface’s audio devices -Surface Earbuds and Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 will be available for purchase in the US from May 12th. The Surface Earbuds costs $199, while the Surface Headphone 2 goes for $249.

    Both devices carry Microsoft’s Swift Pair to quickly connect to Windows PCs and also feature integrations with Office Suite applications.

    Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

    The Surface Headphones 2 design is quite similar and identical to the original model. But it comes with improved noise cancellation, which is adjustable through intuitive on-ear dials and specifically tuned to either block out or amplify human voices.

    Microsoft said that the new Headphone 2 will comfortably slip over your ears, and surround you with spectacular sound quality with 13 levels of ambient noise control.

    The company further said that they have updated the ear cup design to rotate 180 degrees for greater comfort when wearing around your neck, and added a beautiful Matte Black finish option to the classic Platinum.

    It features Microsoft’s Omnisonic sound profile and better noise cancellation with its advanced microphones. The volume and noise cancellation volume controls are still via the rotating dials on the ear cups and the other controls are via the touch panel.

    Notably, the Surface Earbuds that was announced last year are Microsoft’s first attempt at truly wireless earbuds. It features their Omnisonic sound profile with custom-designed 13.6 drivers that they claim to produce a rich, immersive, and crystal clear sound.


    Coming to the design of the earbuds, it features a comfortable fit with 4 anchor points that also ensure a secure fit. It uses touch panels for music control, volume control and even has an inbuilt gesture to start playing music on Spotify. The Surface Earbuds are priced at $199 and will be available starting May 12.