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Most followed Instagram accounts [July 2018]

    Instagram is one of the best online photo and video sharing applications for both Android and iOS platform. It is a platform, where one can meet former friends and make newer friends, follow celebrity and enjoy other interesting features.

    But it is not just a social platform, it is a business arena! Companies advertised either through the platform or via celebrities accounts with the most followers. Today, we will list out the most followed Instagram accounts, as of July 2018!

    Before we begin, be very much aware that Selena Gomez is the most followed individual, with over 138 million followers, while Instagram is the most followed accounts on Instagram with over 200millions followers.


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    And among this list, you can’t find a single Nigeria artist, is it unfortunate or doesn’t matter? I really can’t tell. Following the most followed country worldwide, USA is the first with 241millions followers, then Portugal with 132millions followers and Canada with 101million followers.

    One thing is sure, most of this Individual, companies accounts followers are more than the entire population of a certain country. Even Instagram followers is more than the entire population of Nigeria, Gomez account is more than the entire populations of France, Germany and many others.

    The most liked Instagram picture, is Kylie Jenner first photo of her daughter Stormi, with 17.9 millions likes, and was uploaded on the February 6, 2018.