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How to Activate and Subscribe to MTN Bundle4U Plan

    MTN Bundle4U: It might be a new bundle plan but trust me, it is working and it is blowing. When it comes to making local calls and international calls, you can make use of Mtn XtraVoice Bundle4U including those that are sending messages, you also have National SMS.

    While for those that browsing and surfing the internet, something is left for you, that is Enough Data Bundle with MTN XtraData Bundle. Please note that, this bundle is not a tariff plan, it is a bundle that works on all MTN Tariff plan except Mtn BetaTalk Tariff Plan.

    The MTN Bundle4U is categorized into two; i.e XtraVoice and XtraData. Below are the necessary things you really need to know. We will share the migration code, the calls, message data bundle for each category.

    *. MTN XtraVoice Bundle4U:- The XtraVoice Bundle gives you enough Airtime to call both local and International calls and less Data bundle.


    mtn xtravoice bundle

    The MTN Xtravoice Bundle

    *. N300, get N975 + 50MB (7 days validity)

    *. N500, get N1,950 + 100MB (7 days validity)

    *. N1000, get N3,875 + 312.50MB (14 days)

    *. N2000, get N9,750 + 625MB (30 days)

    *. N5000, get N24,500 + 1666.67MB (30 days)

    How to Subscribe to Mtn Xtravoice Bundle:- The activation code is simple, all you have to do is to send the appropriate keyword to 131. For instant, look at the image above, you will see the Purchase command. If you want to subscribe to V500 bundle with N500:- Send V500 to 131.

    *. MTN XtraData Bundle4U:   The XtraData Bundle gives you enough Data Bundle to browse and surf the internet and less Airtime  for calls.  Below is the Activation code and the appropriate keywords.

    mtn xtradata bundle

    The MTN XtraData Bundle (in text)

    *. N300, get N372+ 150mb (7 days validity)

    *. N500, get N624 + 300mb (7 days validity)

    *. N1000, get N1,275 + 750mb (14 days)

    *. N2000, get N2,560 + 2000mb (30 days)

    *. N5000, get N6,500 + 5000mb (30 days)

    How to Subscribe to Mtn XtraData Bundle:- Just the same with the above MTN Xtravoice bundle, just look for the appropriate Keyword i.e look at the purchase command area. For instant, if you really want to Subscribe to the N300 bundle, you will Send D300 to 131.

    N/B:- You can use this MTN Bundle4u on any other Mtn Tariff plan but the  MTN BetaTalk plan will not work unless you migrate to another MTN tariff plan, Mtn iPulse and rest of them.

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