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How to activate and deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb

    MTN customers keeps on searching the web for different topics, such as how to block mtn messages, how to stop unwanted messages from mtn, how to stop mtn advert sms, how to stop mtn last session notification, how to stop mtn pop up messages, but all this question has one answer: MTN Do Not Disturb!

    To stop all unsolicited messages from MTN, you are advised to activate the MTN DND (Do Not Disturb) list. But before we begin, please don’t send “Cancel to 2442” you will receive an illegal notification message.

    What is MTN Do Not Disturb?

    The MTN Do-Not-Disturb service allows customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages for 3rd Party services. Such as MTN Bulk SMS, VAS (Value Added Services promos), and many more.

    With the DND, you can Opt Out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS and IVR. But it also customers to partially unsubscribe from the promos or offers, by selecting categories that you still want. You can do the following:

    – View Status
    – Activate full blocking
    – Activate partial blocking
    – Opt out of DND

    mtn do not disturb

    How to activate MTN Do Not Disturb

    By activating MTN DND, you can easily STOP all those annoying ads, messages! Now, you can easily opt-out of the service sending:

    – For Full Opt-Out, text STOP to 2442
    – To check DND status, text STATUS to 2442
    – DND list service is free to customers

    How to deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb

    By deactivating this, then you want to receive messages from MTN on a daily basis, which may keep you annoyed every time!

    To activate MTN Do Not Disturb, text HELP to 2442 and the below options will be displayed.

    – To receive all SMS and IVR Messages: ALLOW
    – Banking/Insurance/Financial Products: 1
    – Real Estate: 2
    – Education: 3
    – Health: 4
    – Consumer goods and Automobile: 5
    – Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT: 6
    – Tourism and Leisure: 7
    – Sport and IVR: 8
    – Religion: 9
    – Christianity: 91
    – Islam: 92
    – Others: 93
    – Information on new products and services: 10
    – News Alerts: 11

    Send any of the above code to 2442, and you will start receiving those particular messages. For example, send 8 to 2442, and Sports and IVR news will be activated for you.

    Activate the MTN Do Not Disturb right now and it’ll put an end to all those annoying messages from MTN!